Piet Boon, The Finesse Of Exquisite Designing

 The Dutch designer has constantly renewed his catalogue with furniture that has remained well balanced in form, function and individuality.  Studio Piet Boon has been a huge name in architecture, interior and product design since 1983 and has since grown into a respected brand recognized for impeccable quality craftsmanship. Innovation and preservation are the endeavours of his masterful work. From Townhouse New York, to Oak Valley Residential Resort South Korea and Luxury Family Villa in the Netherlands, the perpetual characteristics of Piet Boon are highlighted in every single design. Multidisciplinary designs bring optimum delacy, from modern minimal design to subtle yet salient shapes and curves. Functionality and individuality form the unique Piet Boon experience.  Reflected in every designed space, you can see raw elements are constituted into luxurious culminations. We highlight Townhouse New York and Oak Valley Residential Resort.

Photo: Piet Boon Studio

Townhouse New York 

Piet Boon’s “Dutch Design” finally carved its way into the concrete jungle of New York City. Townhouse New York is the delectable design that infuses smooth lines and curves, with an enrichment of fine, delicate colours and voluminous layers inside this $18 million penthouse apartment. The residential project gave birth to a total concept apartment, in which Piet Boon created a delicate balance of concave and convex shapes and defined contours.  "This is really Dutch design, with clean lines and lots of symmetry," Boon said. Monochrome matte colours were used to highlight sculptural qualities, offering minimalistic yet European inveiglement. Engraved coving adds layers of depth to milky cream walls. 

The dark steel framed windows preserve traditional New York allure, whilst offering a plethora of light to the once sombre spaces. Every element of light wraps seductively around the curves, creating soft tones and filtering through the pieces. The end result is a sensual finish made to seduce the senses and offer the ultimate luxury. Symmetry is prevalent within Dutch design; it breathes an element of order to each room, whilst upholding diversity. Natural raw woods and leathers add textures that feel homely and warm.

Photo: Piet Boon Studio

Oak Valley Residential Resort

Sitting within the depths of the pristine forests in the Gangwon Province, lies this rapturous home at Oak Valley - a prestigious private golf course community in South Korea. Modular luxury designer homes were impeccably crafted by Piet Boon; and elements of geometric design offer a simple yet slick aesthetic. The high ceiling reaches unparalleled heights, with a large window to command light and air. Simple yet chic, every crevasse is adorned with the outdoors in mind. All functional spaces give birth to the outdoors; with stunning views of the garden. Modern day culture has forged a functional space at Oak Valley; with natural elements such as bamboo and soft sustainable fabrics to offer a renewable design. 

The colour of each room is played against dusky monochromes; a little burnt orange in the living room and art frames seamlessly divert your attention. Simplicity continues outdoors; with modern landscaping, and a rectangular pool, which merges contemporary shapes with traditional Korean composition.


“When choosing the materials we ensured there was a balance with the tranquil colour scheme. We called the routing the ‘flow of the river’. It begins at the entrance to the house as a small mountain stream.” Piet Boon explains. He has seemingly crafted an architectural design that feels as lightweight as the abundance of air around it. 

Piet Boon undoubtedly creates magic time after time; with balanced and beguiling projects that continue tantalise the temptations of any real estate owner. Dutch culture remains at the heart of all designs, which we will continue to see in Piet Boon’s future projects.

Originally featured in Floraison Magazine Issue 3
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