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Floraison Magazine offers a way for likeminded brands to increase sales and optimise their marketing efforts with magazine advertising. From Digital Display advertising to Sponsored Editorial Content, as well as SEO marketing from out in-house team, we can offer sustainable luxury brands another platform for their creative efforts. 

With our monthly circulation of 50,000 affluent consumers and likeminded brands, Floraison offers a worldwide platform and audience, with a focus on European excellence, Middle Eastern charm, American affluence, British finesse and everything in between and beyond. Partnering with us means aligning your business with the epitome of elegance, ensuring that your brand story is told with the prestige it deserves. Join us in creating a visual symphony of luxury that captivates our readers and leaves an indelible mark on the world of opulent living.


Copywriting is a majestic, mammoth mesh of innovative, pursuasive and communicative language, used in a multitude of innovative ways, to either engage, sell or show an audience something. We use  an innovative and in depth approach to work, with a strict method of research, planning, copywriting and proofreading; we aim to provide our clients with copy to suit their specific style, theme and business vision; making it effective for each brand. For companies looking for copy, please see how we have previously worked and what we can offer your brand.

Many digital companies rely solely on their strong online presence. Some may not even use ecomerce, therefore our aim is to drive organic digital traffic through good SEO. Our platform attracts unique visitors worldwide, allowing strong possibilities of growth and exposure. We will gladly deliver news and statistics from your page with our monthly roundup.

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