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Floraison Magazine is a luxury/sustainable lifestyle publication, completely digital, which first began its journey in 2010 as a luxury blog; but as readership grew, so did our brand. As we the world spoke up about sustainable green lifestyle, we listened. We circulate to 50,000 readers via email, both individuals and industry professionals as well as an additional 50,000 reads via our website. This conceptual magazine offers a way to learn deeper about the stories of brands delving into sustainable luxury, those who already have established businesses and individuals with a passion to change. Each issue we take readers on a journey, from the depths of the Moroccan desert, to the cerulean blues of the Great Barrier Reef.


                                                                              An exclusive look 

We create exclusive, compelling content, sharing stories of brands and companies, from articles, to journals and interviews with those making the biggest impact in the world of sustainable luxury. Our audience are those who want to educate themselves further in all aspects of luxury sustainability, all whilst inspiring to travel responsibly and find new and delightful places on this planet we call home.  

Whilst our audience are those desiring to consume luxury content, we also work alongside B2B. Floraison's main topics are: Travel & Hotels, Interiors, Architecture,  Home Designs, Culinary Delights, Tourism and Events. We retain every brand's ethos and offer targeted advertising spaces so that readers can truly be captivated by the topic. We pride ourselves as a 'coming of age' magazine; the Green Industrial Revolution that we see unfolding before our eyes is paving the way for more brands to become sustainable; eco-conscious whilst maintaining impeccable brands that offer luxury and satisfaction. 

                                                                Content to inspire 

Floraison offers a way for likeminded brands to increase sales and optimise their marketing efforts with magazine advertising. From Digital Display advertising to Sponsored Editorial Content, as well as SEO marketing from out in-house team, we can offer sustainable luxury brands another platform for their creative efforts.  We have an expert writing team on hand, who have built up expertise in many industries. We write engaging copy and whether that is editorial work, sponsored content, advertisement placement and copy, we want to give your brand the style and tone that you envision.

We proudly support Greenpeace and want to raise our voices for women, businesspeople of colour and promote 'equality in richness' so that every single brand who is raising the bar has a platform to speak out on. We keep luxury at our core, and delve into the importance of sustainable luxury, to ensure we can continue to create, inspire and curate the most incredible products, designs and services for the next decade and beyond. 

                                    If you wish to be featured or see more about our types of advertising, 

                                   please refer to our media pack or alternatively have a little browse here.


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