Fine Dining In Amsterdam

Although not famous for its culinary proficiency, Amsterdam is host to innumerable dining venues that will satisfy even the pickiest diner, ranging from cozy cafes to sophisticated restaurants. The Netherland’s capital is one of the most multicultural and liberal cities on the globe, which brings with it some of the most distinctive cuisines. While the Netherlands is well known for its cheese, pancakes, herring, and stroopwafels, Amsterdam’s selection of fine dining has become a global hotspot. If you are looking for a unique and very formal evening, you do not have to worry as there is no shortage of options for Michelin Star Restaurants Amsterdam. This guide highlights everything that you should know about fine dining in Amsterdam.

Best Places to Eat in Amsterdam
The Dutch Capital is gradually becoming a global player in the world’s culinary scene. If you are visiting the city for the first time, it can be quite stressing choosing your fine dining venue from the city’s pool of restaurants. But there is no need to worry. Eating Europe has rounded up some of the best fine dining Amsterdam restaurants where you can get some of the best local and international cuisines and other iconic dishes. Here is a list of some of the best fine dining venues in Amsterdam.

  1. Ciel Bleu
  1. La Rive
  1. Restaurant Vermeer
  1. Other Fine Dining Restaurants in Amsterdam
  • Le Restaurant
  • Blauw aan de Wal
  • Bord’Eau
  • De Kas
  • Graphite
  • Yamazato

When browsing for Michelin star restaurants Amsterdam, Ciel Bleu will always pop up in the list. Although it is known to be the most expensive fine dining restaurant in Amsterdam, Ciel Bleu has lived up to its two Michelin star status. Here you will find first-class services in a contemporary setting. Ciel Bleu is rated as one of Amsterdam’s finest eateries, serving the best delicacies mixed with a stunning view. The restaurant is located on the 23rd floor of the Okura Hotel, giving the visitors a dazzling scene of Amsterdam city. You can find out more about Restaurant Ciel Bleu.
If you are looking for the Mediterranean or French cuisines or a wine list mixed with impeccable service, then La Rive is your go-to fine dining restaurant. Being a Michelin-starred restaurant, La Rive is considered to be the most formal fine dining venue in Amsterdam. The top chefs here led by Chef Roger Rassin will ensure that you get the most delectable foods for your dinner without adding any unnecessary decorative elements to them. You can browse through their website to have a glimpse of their meals and other services.
Restaurant Vermeer is popular for its experimental dishes that are made using products procured from local farmers on a daily basis. These dishes vary daily as the ingredients used by the chefs here are seasonal. The one Michelin-starred restaurant is located within the famous NH Barbizon Palace, giving it a historic and elegant outlook. The six courses offered at Restaurant Vermeer have stood criticism over the years. Today Vermeer has become a delight for Dutch elites and visitors looking for class and style.
The list of fine dining restaurants in the Netherlands’ capital cannot be exhausted. Here are some more noteworthy places to dine in Amsterdam.
Fine Dining Amsterdam Etiquette
Fine dining, just like any other banquet, demands that people follow certain customary codes. One of these customary codes is the fine dining etiquette, which Amsterdam’s culinary scene is reserved about. This etiquette may vary from one restaurant to the other, but the basic provisions to it do not change. Here is an overview of what is expected of you when you visit any of Amsterdam’s fine dining venues.
Table Manners
You are almost ready to experience an incredible fine dining moment in the Dutch Capital, and table manners are fundamental. Firstly, you must sit upright and ensure that you do not place items such as car keys on the table. Once you have started enjoying your meal, it is essential to note that having any part of your knife or fork placed outside your dining plate is considered inappropriate in Amsterdam. Your elbows must also be off the table. While resting or taking a break, you can have your knife or forks rest in an inverted-V position.

Fine dining restaurants are very formal, and making a reservation is fundamental to having your momentous dinner. This might take time, but keeping your patience will be quite rewarding. Getting a walk-in opportunity into these restaurants is almost close to impossible. Remember to keep time when you make your reservation.
Placing Orders
Your guest should order first, and if possible, try making an order with a similar number of courses as theirs. Note that it is considered to be an extremely rude gesture to talk to the waiter as you look into the menu card. Some of the menus in these restaurants will come with very fancy names. If you cannot interpret what meals these names are referring to, make sure you consult the waiters. Ensure that you also update your waiter on your allergies, if you have any. Finally, if you are not an expert in selecting wine, do ask for assistance. These fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam have a wide collection of fine wine from different wineries. Therefore, it’s advisable to ask the waiter to suggest the best wine in their collection.
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