Christmas Gift Guide: Grab Your Vegan Nordgreen Watch!

If you are new to the vegan lifestyle, I want to inform you that ethical fashion is a trend and it is here to stay. During this Christmas period, buying sustainable is vital. Nordgreen is a brand that have been one of my favourites for years. I'd like to firstly point out that you can grab your discount and get 15% off here with the code DURRANS. Vegan minimalist watches look good and feel good. 

Not only are Nordgreen's watches Vegan and beautiful but this Christmas, 2 December -30 December, they have partnered with KidsOut, and will automatically contribute with a toy to a child in need - for children who have escaped domestic violence and have been left with nothing, Christmas will not be the same. This means that many kids this year do not have to go without presents. It means that you will too be contributing to an incredible cause. they can get great memories back and feel loved once again.

Get to know Nordgreen

Nordgreen is an incredible brand. each of their well sculpted designs create style and fashion. he watch is a timeless purchase. It is a refined accessory to dress an outfit and bring elegance to your wrist, it is a sure and timeless value. Nordgreen offer a style that is suited to anyone this Christmas. Gold or silver or even leather, you can pick a watch for a man or woman in your life this Christmas and offer them a timeless statement piece. Let's see what makes a watch such a beautiful possession:

1) A symbolic gift to celebrate a particular event

A special event approaching? A birthday, Father's Day, a departure? The watch is a beautiful accessory that can immortalize a special occasion. It is a timeless and symbolic gift for the one who receives it. If you are several to participate in the gift, you can afford to offer a high-end model that will undoubtedly mark the memory of this event. 

2) A nice watch doesn't have to be expensive

Think buying a beautiful watch is expensive? Nay. Today, it is quite possible to find an elegant model and of a good brand and this, at a reasonable cost.

3) An accessory that has class

From the color of the dial, to the display of the hands, there are many models that are absolutely stunning and that make the watch a style accessory in its own right. It can dress up a more or less classic outfit on its own, and also makes it possible to express a personality. I'd recommend the Unika Black Dial for sophistication! 

4) A new watch is always welcome

The man in your life already owns a watch? Nothing prevents you from expanding its collection. If you own a watch yourself, you've probably gotten into the game by now and you might appreciate being able to match this accessory to match your outfit. We love to change watches and for enthusiasts a new watch is always welcome.

5) A useful gift for men that will never be forgotten

Have you ever been given a gift that you have no use for and that ends up in a closet for several years? Rest assured, you are not alone, and that is not likely to happen if you choose to offer a connected watch! It is a practical gift that will necessarily be useful to its wearer, and that it can keep for many years.

2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for many and we appreciate that many of you will not be able to spend the holidays with your families and friends. Nordgreen want you to enjoy it even more with style and impeccable fashion. Interchangeable wrist bands make this product such a wonderful one for the holidays and beyond. be sure to get 15% off here with the code DURRANS.

Happy shopping! 

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