London Property Market, A Worthwhile Investment?


There was a time when London was a millionaire’s playground for property purchase and development. But does it now still carry the weight it did twenty years ago? Well, the implications for such a decision are now dominated by a whirlwind of worries. Brexit, for the foreign buyers and tax prices for UK residents. However, the economic and political stability of the city makes London a hallmark of the British property market. Therefore, proceeding with caution and the necessary financial information is key but the country’s flagship capital city boasts numerous benefits for all types of buyers. But why invest in London property, if the market is oversaturated? Let’s take a look at the benefits. 

1. It’s a worldwide market, everyone wants a piece of London 

One of the deciding factors is the allure of worldwide investors. If people from other countries want to buy here, then why is that? It is a magnet for tourism and business alike, and naturally, the market is in high demand. So don’t be too concerned if your house prices are triple the figure that you’d expect in a smaller UK city. It is a safe and stable haven for international investment, both domestic and international, which only fuels the demand for more property. You’ll constantly see new development in the city, which keeps London at the top of the chain.

2. You’ll never lose money on a property in London 

Properties in London sell like hotcakes, and once this purchase is made, buyers often use this to their advantage. Long-term rentals and Airbnbs are a high priority for business people and travellers and with London forever adapting and expanding, you’ll see inflation happen almost every year. This inflation is perfectly normal, and you’re likely to see a return, should you ever choose to sell. This lucrative sale could see you earning back what you spent on your home, but with a little effort. Style, comfort, and safety will take priority. If you are buying a home there for personal use, this property will constantly evolve with the times.

3. London is huge, there is a niche for everyone!

London is a melting pot of cultures and design. Each corner of the city boasts unique benefits to buyers. From Earl's Court, the grandiose neighbourhood, dominated by large Georgian houses; or Richmond with the charms of suburban city and country living rolled into one. London is easily divided into zones, with each denoting a specific radius of, beginning with zone one in the city centre. The abundance of entertainment, education services, and attractions make London an outstanding choice.


4. Most properties are well equipped already

Properties in London can vary in design. Yet, most new builds in the city are designed with sustainable materials, which promote a green future. This flourishing property industry in London means that you’ll rarely need to do a substantial amount of work to a house. If this is the case, you’ll find that the prices will be significantly lower; but remember location is the prime reason behind the cost of each property. 

So if you still wonder, why invest in London property, you have four solid reasons, among many others; capital and economic growth, great amenities, and high rental demand. 

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