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 It is impossible to get to London and not visit at least one museum during your stay, many travelers will come to museums like "Madame Tussauds" and at the entrance will part with large sums of money (you can buy a combined ticket to this museum with other attractions like Ferris wheel and save money). We at Nagus want to make your trip a little more perfect with the help of the Best Free Museums Guide in London.

  • The British Museum

    The British Museum is one of the largest and most famous in the entire world. The museum which is located in the popular Camden district offers a huge variety of antiquities around which there are many debates (e.g. around marble algin and bronze building). The museum was established in 1753 and contains over six million exhibits.

  • Natural History Museum

    The Museum of Natural History is adjacent to two other museums (the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum - both free as well) but is highly recommended for children in our eyes. It is an impressive structure in itself but inside they are hidden skeletons of dinosaurs and other animals that will make any child excited.

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  • Imperial War Museum

    Although this museum is younger than the ones we mentioned earlier, its location is also a little less central. But it is a fascinating museum whose permanent representation of the First World War is one of the best and most experiential in the world. Highly recommended for children interested in history.

  • The Postal Museum

    One of the newest and finest museums in London. This museum has three parts, with the main one being the mail sorting department in the Clarkenwal neighborhood. There you will find mail cars, mailboxes, stamps and more full of fascinating things that children love.

  • London's Transport Museum

    We have not yet met a child who does not like vehicles. In this museum every child will be able to get excited about a tour of trains, double-decker buses, taxis and more full of vehicles that will make a visit to this museum an unforgettable experience for your children.

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  • National Maritime Museum

In this case it is one of the most important maritime museums in the world, some say it is the best in the world of its kind. Not surprisingly, given that England was the largest and most powerful naval power in history. This is a museum located in Greenwich and this fact alone is a good enough reason to come visit here.

Free museums in London

Of course, children have many other attractions, some for a fee and some for free. We will now move on to some free museums in London that place more emphasis on art and design. The following museums we will represent are also suitable for children but in our experience not all children connect to art and you know your child better than anyone else.

  • Tate Modern

    The British Museum of Modern Art is a must-visit, not only because of the art scattered throughout it, mainly because of its location and the fact that right in front of it stands the famous Millennium Bridge. In terms of exhibitions we recommend you get lost in the museum's permanent exhibitions which are spectacular.

  • The Grant Museum of Zoology

    This is not a zoological museum suitable for small children because you will find here a collection of skeletons and other things that can make your child's nights nightmares. But for you it is a fascinating museum that raises important questions about science today.

  • Wallace Collection - Wallace Collection

    From 1776 you can visit this impressive mansion and be impressed by the collection of antique French furniture or the collection of medieval weapons. In general, this is an opportunity to be impressed by an impressive and spectacular structure and get a glimpse into the rich life of the once-rich London.

  • Design Museum

    We recently saw how one museum can become a sensation with just one exhibit (the exhibit they dedicated here to Kubrick was one of the busiest the museum knew) and when we got there we discovered a museum that is so much more than we really imagined. It is recommended for every art lover to come here and if you are into design then it is a must visit.

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  • National Gallery

    The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square and right next to it is the National Portrait Gallery, which we also recommend visiting. Each of these buildings is huge and contains treasures that to see them all you will need at least two days. We recommend planning your visit here and prioritizing the works you want to see.

  • Horniman Museum

    This museum is an eclectic collection of stuffed animals, musical instruments and artifacts from around the world. This is a fascinating museum located in a stunning location (the garden here is one of the most beautiful in the city) and it is recommended to come here as part of a day trip to another area of ​​London.

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