The Sights And Colors Of Istanbul

In Istanbul, as in another city in the country, the citizens have a lot of respect for their religious traditions and customs. 
Women wear clothing that hides their body, the same applies to tourists - with light and open clothing they do not allow entry into mosques and public establishments. However, there are many western traditions in the city, with many inhabitants adhering to these rules. 

A very prominent national feature of Istanbul is the painted markets. People come here not just to shop but to chat. Bargaining is common in local kiosks and bazaars. This allows the price to be lowered 2-3 times. Every year the inhabitants of Istanbul celebrate a lot of national holidays, each of which is noted for interesting customs and traditions. Copyright: www.orangesmile.com

Many national holidays that are celebrated during the year are religious in nature. Usually, during the celebration of such parties alcoholic beverages are not sold. It is very interesting that 60% of the population of Istanbul are people aged up to 35 years, so one of the most anticipated celebrations is still Youth Day. Held on May 19, the holiday is considered an official day of rest. The celebration begins with the laying of wreaths near the monument of the Republic, then a painted parade takes place and sports competitions begin. The festive program is rich with musical performances, different relay races, contests and workshops. In the afternoon in the central squares the musical concerts and fireworks show take place.Tourists like this holiday no less than citizens.

In metropolis like Istanbul, many festivals, celebrations, exhibitions and cultural events are held annually. Every spring, a large number of tourists come to Istanbul to celebrate one of the most beautiful festivals. Annually, in April, the famous Istanbul Tulip Festival happens. According to legend, happiness lives at the bottom of the tulip, therefore the Turks regard their favorite colors with great concern. Tulip is also a symbol of the country. During the Tulip Festival, many entertaining events are also held. Especially colorful at the moment is Emirgan Park, however it is located far from the city center. Children's Day is celebrated on April 23; Turkish families generally have many children and are very fond of their younger generation.

Jazz in Istanbul? 

Every year from July 2 to 15, Istanbul turns into New Orleans 20 or New York 40. These days in the city there is already a well-known jazz festival, in which the participants are world-renowned and still unknown, but promising musicians. jazz talents. In addition, at the festival you can listen to not only jazz, rock, blues, trip-hop, reggae, all this is also not unrelated to music holidays. The history of the festival began in 1984, when a great concert by Chick Corea and Steve Kuyal was performed, followed by various jazz legends such as Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, Modern Jazz Quartet, Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Goetz for several years in Istanbul. And since 1994 such events have acquired an organized character.

The Istanbul Shopping Fest takes place every year at the end of spring or summer. For about two weeks, Istanbul becomes the world center for shopping and entertainment. During the Istanbul Shopping Fest, the largest shopping malls in the city, such as Kapalycharshi and Mysyr Charshisy, work day and night. In addition, these days are an excellent opportunity to buy products and clothing with significant discounts of up to 50%; Especially lucky are foreign tourists, when they jump from Turkey, they have full right to refund the tax paid when buying things. Among the discounts here, buyers have the possibility to enjoy numerous promotions, awards, contests, entertainment programs, fashion shows and all kinds of parties.The largest number of tourists are attracted to commercial areas: Sultanahmet Square, Abdi Ipekchi Avenue, Bagdad Avenue, Baharie Avenue, IstaciĆ³n Avenue, Istiklal Avenue. 

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