Blacklane: From Leeds To Athens

Blacklane Transfers are a luxury chauffeur service that operate all over the world. Their transfer service from Leeds to Athens meant a comfortable, luxurious ride from door to door, that uses an efficient and sustainable business ethos.

Emails and texts notifications in addition to their app, means that booking a ride is easy and effective.  The communication was important throughout and maintained. Changes can be made, as well as flight change allowances and waiting times. Upon arrival at the airport, an iPad screen displays the name of the traveller. This digital method provides sustainability instead of the use of paper. 

A comfortable and luxurious drive 

Transported via a Mercedes and driven directly to the chosen location, each car used is sustainable, as well as amenities provided inside the vehicle, such as snacks and water. Music choices and temperature choice is also adapted to your needs which makes the trip an even more pleasant ride. Blacklane is a renowned company, offering a professional and friendly service. Whilst many people are now thinking about their carbon footprint, each ride with Blacklane is carbon neutral. This is something that we at Floraison highly promote.

They are highly recommended and operate across multiple locations. Airport transfers from Leeds through to Athens offers a high level of connectivity. We are thankful to be proud users and for more information on how to book with them, please click here

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