Stepping Into German Excellence: Eichkorn

 The personification of excellence; Eichkorn have provided aesthetic creations from “puristic design” which encapsulates raw beauty, with sustainable design. Impeccable craftsmanship creates a story in every piece. They use fine materials in each project, which offers not only a luxurious concept to each piece, but a sustainable element. From limestone creations, to brass and burned cherrywood, sustainability is one of the eminent components that bring Eichkorn into a prominent position within the interior industry. Having exhibited at Maison and Objet, Eichkorn’s ongoing projects are undoubtedly captivating.

Created in Germany, Eichkorn uses sustainable materials that create timeless art. We can appreciate that art is subjective, but its cultivated qualities beckon any eye. Promising companies no longer use unsustainable materials to craft their art; and with the uprising of ‘better world, better creations’ mentality, there is no denying the value in them. Felix Eichkorn and Ruben Rebmann are the minds behind the genius. Growing up in small town Germany allowed them to explore the concept of nature, all of which is found uniquely in their work. Whilst they delved into the workings of a 100-year old workshop, they acquired numerous skills that allowed them to create the world of Eichkorn; now a worldwide brand.

“For us the design has to be timeless. We think that this is the most important aspect. Sustainability is very related to this, as only timeless designs can be truly sustainable. Otherwise, you will want to buy a new piece once the trends have changed.” Says Felix Eichkorn.

Nature captures the creative mind

Using nature to inspire art is a concept that has become a novel concept in recent years. From sketches through to craftsmanship, the beauty of the external world plays a role in adapting it into tangible products. Sculpture is a huge principle; its shape, its function must both exquisitely perpetuate one another. Their sculptural furniture pieces include the FulgarTable, Oka Console, Gerd Bench and much more. Clean modern shapes; slick spatian and symmetrical lines, create a neat design. Smooth textures and colour detailing, denote statement and function combined, a smoldering finesse that excels itself every time. Lustrous presentation adds to the allure. The Fulgar Table [pictured below], recreates a “meteor-like surface”, burrowing ferociously into the concept of outer space and celestial characteristics. Solid and fearless, there is no denying its presence, or its shire organic design.

Each item of furniture or decorative pieces are crafted within different timeframes; depending on their finish and their size. “Quality takes time”, says Ruben Rebmann, which essentially illustrates the meaning of quality to the brand itself. The seamless creation of each piece is played with delicate precision, experimental design has led to idiosyncratic design, exploration of new materials and transformation; to create a bespoke final product time after time.

Sketching takes discipline, and Felix Eichkorn and Ruben Rebmann have this in abundance. Yet at the core of it all, remains the main thesis: inspiration. Inspiration reigns supreme in every case, because there is an element of excitement to which they live by when creating new designs. For companies today, this is a prerequisite, the value of mindful practice and using eco-friendly materials to create a faultless finish.

Take a trip through the sublime process, and tap into the alchemy of German craftsmanship at its finest, with Eichkorn.

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