The Soils Of Corfu

 Many of the island's people make a living from tourism and agriculture. Rich soil and moist climate bring an abundance of olives, fruits, spices and wine. Many of the residents make a living during the winter season from fishing or working on ships. The island's exceptional nature and impressive architecture complement each other - an earthquake that struck the Ionian Sea Islands in 1953 and caused severe damage to life and property did not harm the island and left its buildings intact in all their glory.

In the past, most of the island's livelihood was based on agriculture, with the ancient Greek poet Homer referring to this in his writings. The island grew olive trees, figs, pomegranates, vines and, among other things, limited crops of apples and pears were incorporated. Later fruit trees were also imported to the island, which included citrus fruits, bananas and loquats from Japan.
The British painter, composer and satirist Edward Lear described the stunning beauty of the bay in a 1862 letter. After the bustle of the city of Corfu, Lear wrote, every hour in the bay rejuvenates me a year. It's just a pity the peace here will not last forever, "cursed picnic groups with miserable donkeys arrive tomorrow, and the silence will disappear - as I will." We envied the irritated Lear.

"The hill and the surrounding valleys were covered with a blanket of soft plumage of olive trees, which shone with a fish-like sparkle when the wind touched leaves," Darrell wrote. The luscious shores are lined with Eucalyptus trees and pines, a floral smell descends, and without even knowing, your mind is transported to a place where there are no worries, there is a heaven found before you, on the very earth we wander.  There are unspoiled coves, and still the richness of the agriculture which makes Corfu a leader for Greece in terms of its possibilities to become more sustainable by 2030. "Greece is strongly committed to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for SustainableDevelopment and its 17 SDGs, as they provide an ambitious and transformative framework for a new, fair and sustainable development path, which ensures a balance between economic growth, social cohesion and justice." - Sustainable Development.

Today, Corfu is home to numerous sustainable villas and hotels, all of which provide an element of luxury and nature in abundance. Be sure to wander to Ikos Resorts (pictured below) or take a trip to Delfino Blu Resort.

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