Ten Important Art Works In Turkey

The daily Hürriyet has published its list of the hundred most important works of art in Turkey, drawn up by a jury composed of one hundred artists, collectors, gallery directors, academicians and other art specialists. Discover without delay the top ten of the ranking.

1 - Akdeniz, by Ilhan Koman, 1980

The Akdeniz statue, ("Mediterranean" in French), represents a female figure with open arms, weighs 4.5 tons and is composed of 112 metal plates, each measuring 12 millimeters thick. 
Akdeniz is now visible in the lobby of the Yapı Kredi Cultural Art Center on Istiklal Avenue. 

2 - Kapital IX, by Yüksel Arslan, 1971

Yüksel Arslan is famous for his "artures": a mixture of writing, rature and painting, including Capital. 
In 1968, his work took on a political charge and censorship fell on him. It was not until the mid-2000s that his country paid tribute to him for his works. 

3 - Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi, by Osman Hamdi Bey, 1906

Osman Hamdi Bey is none other than the founder of the Istanbul School of Fine Arts, in 1883, and the Archaeological Museum, in 1891. 
His most famous work is this one: Kaplumbağa Terbiyecisi,(or "The Turtlein French). The original painting was purchased by the Museum of Pera in 2004. 

4 - Cehennemim, by Fahrelnissa Zeid, 1951

Trained in Paris and Istanbul, the painter Fahrelnissa Zeid has become one of the symbols of abstract art in Turkey. 
His paintings are a synthesis of Islamic, Byzantine, Arab and Persian influences, fused with European approaches. Cehennemim ("My Hell" is one of his best-known paintings. It is on display at the Istanbul Modern Museum

5 - Mavi Senfoni, by Burhan Doğançay, 1987

Mavi Senfoni
 ("Blue Symphony" in French) was exhibited for the first time in 1987, at the Istanbul Biennale. 
At the time, no one wanted to buy it. It is now considered one of the most important works of modern art in the country and was recently sold for 2,200,000 Turkish liras, the most expensive work of art in Turkey. 

6 - Yaratılış/Mihrap, by Osman Hamdi Bey, 1901

A second work by the famous painter Osman Hamdi Bey is among the top ten in the ranking: it is Mihrap,("mihrab" in French). In a mosque, the mihrab is a niche that indicates the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, to which Muslims turn during prayer.

7- Kuşlar, by Kuzgun Acar, 1966

Kuzgun Acar is considered one of the pioneers of modern sculpture in Turkey, especially for his iron sculpture Kuşlar ("the birds" in English), which has recently been restored. 
She can be admired in Unkapanı, in the İMÇ Çarşısı. 

8 - Güneşin Doğuşu, by Aliye Berger, 1954

Aliye Berger is considered one of the first engravers of the Turkish Republic. 
His painting Güneşin Doğuşu ("Sunrise", in English), was ranked eighth among the 100 best works of art in Turkey. It can be seen at the Yapı Kredi Cultural Center in Beyoğlu. 

9 - Ormanda Oduncu, by Şeker Ahmet Paşa, 1900

Şeker Ahmet Paşa's brushstroke was praised in his painting Ormanda Oduncu ("The Woodcutter in the Forest"), where one would think to see the leaves moving. 
It can be seen at the Istanbul Museum of Painting and Sculpture. 

10 - Kuşatma, by Erol Akyavaş, 1982

The work of Erol Ayavaş is highlighted by the leading art specialists in Turkey. 
A work in which the painter reveals his various influences: philosophy, sexuality or religion and in particular Islamic art and the Sufi tradition.

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