Gaia Shores

This delectable brand, curated by two sisters, Lizzie & Victoria Rossetti bring the aroma of far flung destinations straight to your home.

Gaia Shores incorporate the length and breadth of our planet, infusing their candles and fragrance sets with the most divine aromas. Alluring scents have been long-known to create a semblance of tranquility for the mind and body. Gaia Shores combine British prowess with Italian charm. And it works. Not only do they commit time to creating sustainable products, but fusion of worldly cultures offer a deeper sense of connection.

The power to learn is in our own hands and when we experience these cultures through emotions, such as smell, we can transport our minds into that sphere. Crafted with pure fragrances, the vivid thoughts contribute to calm atmospherics; ideal for using within your office space, or home.

Each earthly element, the silkiness of our seas, the rage of fire, are all intertwined with each design. Transport yourself to Ubud, with the piquant aromas of bergamot and lemongrass. Drown in the wonder of Daintree, the Australian rainforest, with notes of Patchouli and Eucalyptus. Gaia shores collections offer a divine addition, which promote a sense of wellness and an inniate respect for world nature. To highlight the very equidistant part of each fragrance, they are also available in Reed Diffusers. Gaia Shores values align deeply with the magic of our world. Crisp, unique and high quality oils converge with aesthetically pleasing packaging. Take a deep breath as you stroll through the midst of a breath taking ‘forest’ - inhaling rich oakmoss from their Water Reed Diffuser. A deep belonging to the world is further enhanced by the magic of Gaia Shores scents.

Take a wander into the world of aromas and click here to view Gaia Shores' current collections.

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