Earth's Secret, The Brand That Focuses On Optimum Mood, Health And Sleep


The key to good health is less stress, better mood and better sleep. All of these combined are a winning formula for mental and physical health. As a nation, we often forget to de-stress, and check in with ourselves. We work many hours in a society that often pushes us beyond our limits. Taking a step back can be difficult. We may strive to eat well, go the gym and sleep seven to eight hours, but this is not always a possibility. It can leave us feeling constantly drained, unable to work to our full potential and possibly, lead to anxiety and depression. That is why combining a good routine with supplements, has always been beneficial to health. Easy to digest, and simple to take, you can. Science-based supplements from Earth's Secret can give you a simple solution. 

They combine "Ayurvedic herbs with the latest in medical science to create herbal supplements that are safe and effective." You'll find different categories on their website that will direct you to the best products for your troubles. They are all 100% natural and with this organic process, you can enjoy the benefits fully. Herbs such as Ashwagandha are a firm favourite. You'll also find organic lavender and camomile for the sleep supplements. Their thrive supplements combine anti-inflammatory Turmeric and Organic Reishi Mushroom, all of which are packed full of goodness for the immune system. Did you realise that your immune system is one of the most vital parts of your body? Your immune system is also what fights major diseases such as cancer. The more effective your immune system is, the bigger and better chance it has of fighting off unusual cells in the body that may become harmful. 

Get to know Earth's Secret

Sustainability is at the core of this brand. That is what makes them a favourite at Floraison. They offer Earths Secret Complexes only contain 5 carefully selected botanicals in each formula and their products are created on a GFSI and GMP certified site. They care about what they sell to people, and that is something that we find incredible. We know that sustainable products are the future. The way in which products are sourced and the ethics behind each brand is what helps the world take a step forward into a better and more healthier dimension. It allows customers to learn about their products and above all, instil a lot of confidence into buyers.  What makes Earth's Secret even more cool is that they have a quiz on their website, so you can pinpoint what supplements are best suited to you. Their patented, award-winning ingredients are affordable and attainable. Their website is simple and their team are friendly and readily available to help.

Founder, Amy Peacock has created a majestic brand, with not only incredible efficacy of products, but gained trust among her customers. Natural supplements offer a delicate health boost that is subtle but visible. Amy says My purpose is to help people become more aware of the magic this Earth has to offer. I want to show how we can take advantage of these amazing plants, herbs and fruits to help unlock our truest potential and live a more fulfilling life.

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