Defining A Face In Three Clicks

From its beginnings, photography did not grow linked to mythical origins. Painting and music had always been linked to the different symbolic and poetic genres of universal culture. Portrait photography, especially has formed its own dynasty in the modern day world. This resplendent niche of photography happened despite its implicit formal kinships with different mythological entities and classic stories.

Photos: Chronis Perrakis 

Today, the art of capturing the truth of a human face is no easy task, yet Athens photographer, Chronis Perrakis has managed to successfully compose his art in the most fascinating way. The portraits you see below are no ordinary portraits. They are a library of human vehemence, dysphoria and power. 

Portraits, as with all photography styles, are subjective. Each one is a representation of the essence of its subject. Whether we see a mature man carrying fifty years of emotional baggage, or a child coming of age with the eagerness of life in their eyes. We can take something from every face. That is what makes photography such an almighty engine of art.

    Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Katerina Zaharioudaki

Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Petros Xekoukis 

Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Evanelia Moumouri  

A brief history in time 

Photography was 'born with an imprint of technical invention that imposed on it an involuntary, artificial, temporary air, of minimal essentiality, subjected to an anachronistic image', in the immortal words of philosopher Didi-HubermanThe emergence of the modern human being, now lends its hand to every photographer. The harmony of each facial feature aligns perfectly with the most genuine culture of humanity. 

This photographic anachrony inaugurated the transformation of the traditional single image. Today, when we see four prominent types of portrait photography: Constructionist, Candid, Environmental, and Creative. Each one illustrates a moment of efficacious emotion, and the spontaneity of its subject, is hopefully reflected in the lens. Through history, we have learned to adapt the phenomenon with new techniques, social changes and work through the fusion of studio photography. Portable photography had definitively consolidated this new style in the course of the 20th century. The 21st century however, gave way to bold new innovations in the art. 

Chronis Perrakis, the Athenian photographer creating magic

Chronis Perrakis is an Athens- based photographer who has crafted an impressive portfolio online. An accomplished photographer, Chronis has photographed a diverse range of actors. One of his most esteemed projects recently, is named, "Project UNCUT". The intensity of these clicks is captured via Olympus OMD EM1 mark ii. Three clicks. Three portraits. One actor.

"I had the pleasure of working with Chronis during my time in Athens last year. Not only did he symbolise the epitome of professionalism, but his entire aura was harmonious. I felt entirely comfortable in his presence, and he ignited an energy in me that I had never felt with any other photographer. The images were hauntingly beautiful; I felt that he had captured such soul and immense power so effortlessly." - Jennifer Durrans 

actress Jennifer Durrans Athens photography
Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Jennifer Durrans

Chronis has successfully encapsulated the rawness of a face; highlighting each uniqueness that is not always so blatantly obvious to the naked eye. The starkness of transparent eyes, the authentic texture of human skin, and the vigour of the human spirit. It is the photographic framework for the essence of an actor. Project UNCUT revolutionizes the photographic portrait. An actor's work primarily consists of feeling, conveying, and reaching an audience that may at first seem, unwilling. From the technique and the precision, Chronis does not fail in convoluting the frames; there is simply a raw component that engages an audience.   

The imperfection of human faces does not divert from their beauty. Each expressions holds a photographic ambiguity that serves to invigorate the viewer. It is storytelling at its finest, and at its most simple. But this does not come without strict diligence. 

Monochromatic portraits, the substance of reality 

Black and white photography never falls victim to being dubbed understated. In fact, quite the opposite. A brazen monochromatic portrait endears itself to the viewer. They look a little deeper; to seek out the true depth of the image. They are much aligned with their colourful artistic counterparts that have leapt into artistic immortalisation. Chronis plays solely with this in his portraits. 

Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Konstantinos Passas 

Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Vicky Maragaki 

Photo: Chronis Perrakis | Actor: Grigoris Valtinos 

Strategic points of light highlight the crevasses of the face with ultimate meticulousness. Light, when used correctly in black and white portraits, offers identity. It births a notion of intimacy. 

The composition and patterns are much deeply rooted and removes any preconceived narrative; solely depicting, a pure human face. Eliminating the distraction of colour, paves the way for a seamless creation. As you can see here in each portrait, the chronology of the portraits is open to discussion. Do you find them evoking? Haunting? Factual? We find mystery in the depths of monochromic portraiture. 

You can view the full collection of dynamic portraits here

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