Podgorica, Montenegro, The Forgotten European City

Podgorica, is the capital city of Montenegro, it has been a place where multiple events in history have taken place and the favorite place of kings and princes, it has also gone through moments of war conflict that diminished its greatness, however, it is currently recovering, becoming the main economic and tourist center of the nation. For this reason we invite you to discover the charm of this wonderful place.

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Where is Podgorica located?

Podgorica, is located southeast of the European continent, on the Balkan Peninsula, specifically at the junction of the Moraca and Ribnica rivers, has an area of ​​1,441 km2, has a population according to the 2011 census of approximately 150,980 inhabitants, is the capital of the Republic of Montenegro.

The city of Podgorica, has been known by the names of Titogrado and Ribnica,  in the years from 1946 to 1992 at the time that Montenegro was part of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The administrative headquarters of the country's public entities and political organizations are located in Podgorica, with the exception of the administrative office of the Presidency, which is located in the city of Cetinje.

With the return of Montenegro's independence, Podgorica once again became the administrative and financial hub of the country and is progressively recovering the economic momentum it had at the time of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , with the aluminum companies, textile, wine among others, which are being privatized, to attract capital that strengthens the nation. In the first 10 years of the 21st century, Podgorica has enjoyed rapid growth in the financial and service sectors, the activities of heavy industries responsible for the extraction and processing of raw materials, such as mining, oil, among others; telecommunications, construction and services related to banking and tourism. These actions have increased investments, both national and international, these actions are increasing more jobs every day.

The management of municipal administration, is made up of the figures of the mayor, secretarial bodies and administrative units for the establishment of local government, the Parliament of Podgorica, is established by 55 representatives of society, who are elected directly and secretly. for a period of 4 years, the mayor is also elected by the inhabitants of the city and his functions are for 5 years.

The municipality of Podgorica has 34 public educational institutions, for the primary stage and 10 secondary schools, additionally there is a school - gymnasium. The town also has private educational institutions, these offer a higher level of education and due to the improvement of the economy, many of its inhabitants prefer the option of private education. Most of the Institutions of Higher Education are located in Podgorica, here is the headquarters of the University of Montenegro.

In Podgorica are the administrative headquarters of most of the cult establishments of Montenegro, it is also the headquarters of the main events that take place throughout the year. Here is located the National Theater of Montenegro, museums and galleries, which allow the further development of cultural activities and arts.

The National Theater of Montenegro is considered to be the most representative and important entity in Podgorica and throughout the country. It is also home to the City Theater, which includes activities related to children's theater and puppet theater.

Podgorica, is characterized by having religious tolerance and respect for different cults, the most representative religion is Orthodox, which is represented in all municipalities, also has two mosques and a Catholic church.

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