The Hamptons, A Tempting Property Investment

The Hamptons, to most, conjures up an image of affluence and is an eclectic labyrinth of beach towns and villages on the eastern tip of Long Island. Stretching around 120 miles out of New York City, you can be beguiled by the lavish real estate in the area. Its affinity with upscale living, seen throughout the years in numerous admired publications, has only amalgamated our love for the area. The standard cost for a property averages at $1.6 million, but this depends on the size and location. 

The Hamptons has long been a ‘safe haven’ for many, states Hamptons-based broker, Tim Davis who has sold over $4 billion of real estate. The distinguished French Provincial characteristics of some classic Hamptons’ homes have long been in high demand. The charm of casual living, allows every homeowner to bask in the rural communities that have etched their own unique living style into the world. 

This timeless territory is situated in a geographically desirable location; with its proximity to New York City, whilst still being situated in a sedate rural area. There is no denying the wisdom in purchasing real estate here. The Hamptons real estate market is constantly ignited and as a long term investment, it can reap some abundant benefits. Tim Davis, having already secured over twenty five properties, speaks candidly of the perks of owning in the area, solidifying the Hamptons’ philosophy of sophisticated and good living. Renting homes in this area can prove to be a short-term boon for those moving to the area for Labor Day or remote working. 

Exemplar interiors meet provincial landscapes… 

Architectural Hamptons interior design may vary vastly but the frequent features you are likely to see are protracted timber panelling, altitudinous ceilings and exposed beams, merging the outdoor elements with interior splendour. The call of the ocean is prevalent throughout the color palettes, with neutrals and muted pastels taking center stage. The element of the ocean is peppered in further with cultivated expanses of water in the surrounding areas and the properties’ extended land. Natural golden tinctures flood every room and refined, contemporary design piques the curiosity of any aspiring home owner. Plenty of real estate is appareled with a generous expanse of land and the notion of being able to develop the property further is both entrancing and attractive to prospective buyers.

6 Squabble Lane in Southampton is one of Davis’ exquisite properties, which eloquently exhibits all of the above. The financial forecast for selling real estate in The Hamptons is a positive one; the bumpy times of uncertainty are long gone and as we enter a new decade, the demand in the area is excelling. The combined beauty of the rugged, untamed Atlantic Ocean, makes any property in this area a victorious asset. 

Time has been kind to The Hamptons, its polished, immaculate streets and social neighborhoods encapsulate everything that we envision as the American dream. Complete with delicate nautical and understated interiors, every unique property will forever remain a profitable investment. 

Times are changing across the world for the property market, not only in the USA but also the UK. Following recent events, a pivotal moment is coming. According to IBT, the commercial real estate climate is changing and only time will tell as to which direction it will take.

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