Four Locations On America's East Coast To Inspire

America’s East Coast is full of mysteries, exciting gems and home to some of the most incredible views of America; beautifully encompassed by the swell of the North Atlantic. How do you narrow down the locations that are both full of culture and beauty. Here are five locations down the East Coast that you may not have thought to visit during your time in the USA. From lemon infused lobster rolls in New York, to casinos in Jacksonville and white water rafting in Maine, there is something for every traveller; the luxury traveler and adventurer. Let’s begin with five eclectic places to visit this year that are brilliant for both solo and families alike.

Portland, Maine 

There is nowhere quite as picturesque as Maine. With sprawling coastlines, majestic coastline lighthouses, rocky terrain, and snowy winters, there are plenty of things to see across Maine. Portland is Maine’s largest city and one of the most bustling. It has the famous Old Port Waterfront, which features working fishing wharves. It’s idyllic for a stroll and nearby houses the famous Western Promenade and before you reach it, there are lots of converted warehouses which give you a true traditional feel, now full of shops and places to grab a coffee. Down along the banks near the promenade, you are able to see the best of what the city had to offer in terms of views of the mountains beyond. Be sure to stop here for a drink and soak it all up. 

It is at its peak tourist time through summer due to its relatively average summer temperature and low rainfall. It’s generally a cooler area, but you may find summer is filled with tourists. Still, there is plenty to keep you occupied if you’re in the area, you don’t have to stay central to Portland as there are optional trips you can take from the city which make for lovely family day trips! One of them is: Casco Bay Islands.

Portland has its own airport so travel back and forth is made much easier, it makes it a great travel stop along the east coast. The city of Portland offers plenty for the discerning diner. From luxury to more casual, you’ll find what you need. Some of the most famous casual spots to grab a plate of fine seafood, includes Duckfat and Central Provisions, which are headed by James Beard Award-winning chefs and finalists. It seems to be the place for training chefs, with access to some of the most delicious food, a lot of it being seafood. It does however have plenty of sweet treats to offer, some of the best dessert places in the state are in Portland. Some of the best restaurants in the city are:

1. Anju Noodle Bar: 7 Wallingford Square #102 Kittery, ME 03904

2. The White Barn Inn Restaurant: 37 Beach Ave, Kennebunk, ME 04043 (207) 967-2321

3. Palace Diner: 18 Franklin St, Biddeford, ME 04005, (207) 284-0015

4. Chaval: 58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102, (207) 772-1110

5. Local 188: 685 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102, (207) 761-7909

Philadelphia, PA
You may be aware of Philadelphia from the 1993 Tom Hanks movie, but Philadelphia really has a lot to offer for the city lover. It makes for an ideal city break with its majestic skyscrapers, but without the hustle of Manhattan, Philadelphia has everything easily located and the suburbs are on your doorstep. It is a versatile city, it has the vibe of New York, with a lot of the same personalities, it has a thriving financial and business district which makes it a popular choice for people in business. The "City Of Brotherly Love" is a city for the people, and it is a melting pot of a vast array of nationalities, so many people have settled in Philadelphia over the years. It’s relatively popular for its Italian bakeries and restaurants as well as the famous Irish bars and Irish potato candy! A true Philadelphian delicass, which must be tasted whilst in the city. 


It has a huge history of medicine and this is quite prevalent among some of the city's many museums. Some of the country’s best and most proclaimed doctors have studied right here in Philadelphia and there are many teaching hospitals in the city, which makes it favourable for people abroad coming for exploratory treatment and trials. It has been known as a relatively underrated city for some time, tourism exists but it is not perhaps as boosted as it should be, you won’t find a huge descent of tourists there, which may go in your favour as a traveller. A place where sport blossoms, there are plenty of places where you will see the influence of baseball for example. As we previously mentioned, there was an influx of Italians who moved into the city and today it’s a great place to have a taste of Italy! Philadelphia’s Italian Quarter is one of the most authentic in the country and you can truly have a taste of little Italy once you're there. The city itself is full of incredible museums also. 

1. National Museum of American Jewish History

2. Museum of the American Revolution

3. Science History Institute

4. The Franklin Institute

5. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle beach is perhaps one of the finest that the east coast has to offer in terms of an all American town that provides American culture and southern hospitality with beautiful coastal scenery and of course, great food. It’s a family orientated place, lots of parks, outdoor activities and plenty of museums. The primary focus here is the beach front, with many activities to enjoy. If you are around the east coast with friends, this Myrtle Beach is the best place to kick back with friends. Entertainment and fun is at its core and this all comes at an affordable cost; another reason that makes South Carolina a great place to visit on your great American road trip.

In terms of location, it’s practicality geography wise is vital, there is good access to all surrounding areas. The beach is full with fun activities, games and arcades for the children; and the famous Ferris wheel which encapsulates the entire town including incredible views of the South Atlantic. It has a great vibe for families, so if you're thinking of moving to the USA, then South Carolina has plenty to offer. Working abroad in the USA doesn't have to be difficult, you can apply for a working visa here which allows you to apply for the necessary visas/documents to allow you to work there temporarily. If the USA has been on your list for a while, be sure you're taking advantage!

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Virginia Beach is a popular spot among younger travellers, as it boats so many clubs and bars. It’s long beach is ideal for tourists, and families, but rather it has a more cosmopolitan feel and there is a three-mile broad walk with stretches straight along the beach; it’s stunning and refreshing ocean walk which is ideal in summer. The bayside First Landing State Park is also the memorium to mark where the Jamestown colonists from England landed; meaning it’s also quite the melting pot of nationalities also! There is an aquarium, Marine Science Centre, where you can catch a glimpse of the Atlantic ocean life, sharks, rays and seat turtles, which is a fascinating day out for the children. 

Virginia Beach has both the coastal element as well as a small city vibe. Its town centre has plenty of eateries and shops, in fact it seems that Virginia Beach is home to some eco-friendly attractions also, which mean that it's by far a up and coming place that is taking the word 'green' seriously. Getting eco-friendly as a traveller is one of the best things that you can do to limit your carbon footprint. Travelling may not be 'green' but it can certainly be adapted and travel smart with some of the most eco-friendly travel products on the market, you can link up to the best travel products here.
Eco friendly museums, pational parks, sports arenas, amusement parks, farmer’s markets, resorts, and even shopping can be Virginia Green certified which is an exciting thing for tourists and residents alike.  Here are just a few examples of Virginia Green Attractions:
  1. Kings Dominion—Doswell
  2. Maymont—Richmond
  3. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden—Richmond
  4. Virginia Living Museum—Newport News
  5. Birdsong Pleasure Garden—Luray
  6. Burnside Farms—Haymarket

If America is on your hotlist for 2020, then the East Coast is certainly a wonderful Spring destination. A road trip down the East Coast is a delight, with plenty of little cosy villages, all American towns, with both luxurious and affordable accommodation along the way, from woodland spas to large resorts with luscious beaches and pools. There are plenty of authentic and unassuming accommodations along the way, that will allow you to feel the true heartbeat of the East Coast with the very best to offer. Book a trip today and see where your next adventure may take you.

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