Hong Kong - A City Full Of Wonder

Hong Kong’s iconic skyline is an exciting city to visit. It isn’t just a fantastic place for tourists but it also boasts some amazing places for business people alike. It’s becoming a bustling city, incredibly wealthy and there are many startup businesses in Hong Kong. It is full of life, plenty of incredible Asian cuisine and is home to some incredibly bars, which make the night life a winner. Hong Kong can be expensive, it is not as expensive as the big cities of Japan but Hong Kong can be pricey with certain aspects. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, some overlooking the stunning harbour, you can enjoy the city’s rooftops from your hotel room, watching the morning fog dissipate over the luscious jade green trees. 

Top Things To See And Do

Hong Kong, in parts feels futuristic, some of the architecture is modern, chic and feels incredibly exotic. Other parts of the city have kept more of a traditional feel, a more oldy-worldy vibes such as the ladies’ market and some of the local street markets, where you will find locals buying their weekly produce. It’s endlessly full of culture, but as a tourist, you may want to experience the full thing, from the tradition to the brand new. Let’s explore.

1. The world’s highest bar - Hong Kong is famous for having one of the most exciting night scenes, it truly is a twenty four hour party city, but it’s also beautiful to enjoy the city from above, and you can see a panoramic island view from the incredible Ozone Bar in the Ritz Carlton. This bar is situated on the 118th floor, 1608ft above sea level and boasts the best views of the city. It is incredibly Instagram worthy too and provides delightful food and drink to enjoy during the summer or winter months. It’s modern, futuristic, chic. There is no better place to come and impress your friends.

2. Step outside of the city - Hong Kong has some amazing hiking trails and you don’t have to walk too far to find them. If you prefer to leave a little bit of the city behind and swap the hustle and bustle for something a little more quiet and charming, then you could have a look at some of the city’s picturesque hiking trails. You can incorporate the rugged landscapes with lush greenery and of course desolate beaches! The Morning Trails is perhaps one of the most famous if you want to see the skyline but there is also a trail known as the Dragon’s Back or Tai Long Wan, which offer a little more of a rural feel but all are equally as beautiful, just for different types of hikers. 

3.The good food - the food is second to none in the city, everything is cooked fresh with local produce and you will find the best dim sum in the world right here. It can’t be compared in any other place and this is what makes the city so incredibly ‘delicious’. Brunch is a favourite among the natives, take a break and try out some juicy dumplings, light and fluffy buns, with any meat or accompaniment of choice and plenty of dipping sauces to add extra. The most famous restaurants are Maxim’s City Hall and One Harbour Road at the Grand Hyatt which offers a very unique experience and is incredibly delightful. No matter what Asian dish you fancy, without a doubt there will be a restaurant or cafe to cater to your needs! 

4. It’s artsy - it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this city but the city is in fact full of art! Whether it is street art and incredibly beautiful graffiti, or if there are art installations in the city, it really takes art seriously. Some of the big interior fairs are held here as well as art festivals, local and international, so there may be something going on when you visit. Check to see what may be of interest, but it’s safe to say that you will find at least one or two pieces of art whilst just strolling through the bustling streets. 

5. Day trips within reach - there are some fabulous day trips to take from the city which offer a totally different experience on your travels. Many are cheap and really enjoyable, you could take a bike ride to Cheung Chau, eat delicious seafood along the coast and enjoy the beaches as well as rock-climbing in Tung Lung Chau or wake-boarding in Sai Kung - it's a very active place. If you find the right places and trips to take, the city is just full of things to do for everyone! 

Business & Life in Hong Kong 

There are lots of people that are spending time in Hong Kong for business and even some digital nomads choose this as a luxury destination, it can be expensive but it is home to some great neighbourhoods which would be ideal for expats. Some of the areas are well equipped with their own restaurants, shops, gyms and more, and there has never been a better place to consider buying property in the city. Singapore has plenty of luxury real estate to offer also, you can see what properties are for sale and what areas you may like to look at. There are not just selling options but you can also rent if you are planning on staying in the city for a year or two and not wanting to settle.

It is an exciting place to live and even if you choose to just visit as a tourist, you can be sure that you will leave full of exciting and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. Look around to see what best suits your needs whilst in the city, are you looking for an apartment to hire whilst you’re there or do you want to splash out on a hotel, Hong Kong will have something to tempt you that is for sure.

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