A Sanctuary Of Abundance with Lisa Melone Cloughen

Creating a sanctuary of opulence in your own home is attainable victory; especially when you hone in on the concepts of interior queen, Lisa Melone Cloughen. Her secrets pave the way for any homeowner to create a luscious haven within any space. By using a harmonious amalgamation of natural elements that dress any space, Lisa’s tips are quite simple. Choose the materials that resonate with you on a spiritual level. Whether that is sentimental keepsakes from travels, lustrous shells, powdery river rocks or branches, incorporating these into the home is a sanctified conception that forges both a spiritual and personal level of tranquility. 

For understated decorations, you can look at low maintenance pieces that add both charm and character. Lisa specifically mentions succulents and orchids, to place around the home, both of which provide functional beauty. They improve air quality by producing life-empowering oxygen, which allows the space to be both rich in style and substance. 

Just like any home, the lighting ignites a patina across any room; but this is down to meticulous focus and attention to detail. Lisa suggests keeping a subtle hue at a lower level, which allows light to fall naturally and delicately, without the heaviness of blazing overhead lighting. Table lamps and floor lamps are the style of choice, for graceful radiance. With the separate addition of muted colours, you can soothe the mind with deep atramentous shades that can awaken a sense of placidity throughout the home. From your living space to your bedroom, Lisa encourages the use of darker shades; learning to appreciate the beauty of an extensive palette range. Rouse every sense with a color palette of perfection, from deep jades and smoldering burgundys, as a comforting component to your home. Achieving a welcoming space inside your abode should certainly translate to your outdoor space too. Relaxation and meditation await in the blissful retreat you call home.

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