Vegan Europe: The Countries To Visit

The Internet has shaped so many people's views on veganism and better living and it's true that adopting a vegan lifestyle has health benefits as well as assisting the world in its quest for a more sustainable future. avoiding animal products in all areas of life is difficult but it is still a doable thing. Many high street stores are incorporating sustainable products onto their shop floors and it's certainly going to take time but when it comes to travel and eating vegan, it may sometimes be a difficult task. Every country and city is slowly inching towards sustainability and looking at its meat consumption and seeing how it can improve but there are some countries in Europe that are ahead of the game in terms of vegan food. It's time that we discover the best places to eat around the European continent. 
Let's get discovering. 

vegan cities 2020

Singapore, USA, Australia, Israel, Canada, Germany, Great Britain are the top countries that have held the torch high advanced “green” choices. Eco-friendly living and eating vegan is just the beginning. Time to eat...

London, England, UK
London was once renowned for its fine dining eateries, plenty of British cuisine but recently it has become incredibly progressive, offering a variety of fresh, high quality products and promoting better eating for both residents of the city and tourists. there are plenty of places in the city that will be perfect for Vegans. There are plenty of healthy juice bars also popping up around central London and the suburbs which make London a vegan's dream destination.  
1. 222 Veggie Vegan: 222 North End Road, West Kensington, W14 9NU, 222veggievegan.com

2. Ethos: 48 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8DX

3. Biff's Jack Shack: 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BJ​, biffsjackshack.com

4. Genesis: 144 Commercial Street, E1 6NU, eatgenesis.com
best vegan cities 2020
Berlin, Germany
Berlin is a very up and coming city and it is full of art and culture. It is known, according to the YouGov analysts, that vegetarianism was growing significantly. This is almost 10% of the population that has now opted for a vegetarian diet. Vegan cafes in Berlin are really taking off and there are plenty to find around the city. It's big city but Berlin on the whole is easy to get around, friendly and safe; so it's such a great place to visit if you're looking to eat your way vegan around Europe. 

1. Mindful Life:Yoga Cafe: Gleimstraße 40, 10437 Berlin 

2. Haferkater: Eberswalder Str. 26, 10437 Berlin | Friedrichstraße 141, 10117 Berlin

3. Cafe Largo:  Malplaquetstraße 33, 13347 Berlin

4. Two Planets: Hermannstraße 230, 12053 Berlin

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
In 2017, Amsterdam was named the most vegetarian city in Europe! Now it is starting to up its game by adding to the number of its vegan cafes and restaurants and it certainly has grown! There are now over 250 vegan restaurants in the city and this is a huge thing considering the Dutch's love for their cheese. However, Amsterdam on the whole is quite cultural in terms of its tourism and its rules. Of course marijuana is not illegal to smoke in public and there are many places that you can try for a range of different health conditions. Amsterdam is full of sprawling parks, museums and cafes, it's a city of art and its vegan cafes are worth visiting if you're in town. 
1. Men Impossible (worth booking in advance): Hazenstraat 19H, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

2. Little Plant Pantry: Bosboom Toussaintstraat 45, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. Deer Mama:  Ceintuurbaan 71, Amsterdam, Netherlands

4. Oliver Green: Eerste Oosterparkstraat 7H, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Milan, Italy
When we think of Milan, we often think of salamis, a range of different salted cold meats, pasta, and lots of meat dishes but there is definitely a demand in Milan for vegan restaurants and it's starting to pick up. Avocado toasts, quinoa sprinkled with chia seeds, and lots more are on the vegan menu in the city. Milan is such a melting pot of different cultures, of course most famous for its fashion weeks and its appeal for shopping, Milan is a great location also. It boasts countryside surrounding the city, so whether you're going to book a Clickstay villa (a recommended affordable choice), or if you're staying in the city, it's definitely a vegan friendly place to be. The first European vegetarian restaurant that received a Michelin star was the Milan Joia - now the city itself is becoming incredibly popular with green eaters.

1. Flower Burger: Viale Vittorio Veneto 10, Milan, Italy
2. BistroBio: Via Valtellina, 10, Milan, Italy
3. Joia Kitchen: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 18 (at Corso Buenos Aires), Milan, Italy
4. Vegamore: Via Crema 12, Milan, Italy

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Gothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg is a bustling city in Sweden that may be relatively expensive for an average traveller but it boasts more than majestic buildings; but it now is also holding a torch for veganism. it's a relatively small city, and tourists are now able to enjoy a vast array of vegan restaurants that are tasty and incredible. They are beginning to take sustainability incredibly seriously, with their very own cruelty- free beauty salon, named Eco Linné. Sweden has a lot to offer, including a wonderful and acclaimed quality of life. The city is also an important seaport, and it's not dissimilar to Amsterdam with its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards. 
1. Blackbird: Stigbergsliden 3, Gothenburg, Sweden
2. Sayur: Olivedalsgatan 23, Gothenburg, Sweden
3. Earth Cafe: Vasaplatsen 10, Gothenburg, Sweden
4. The Green Room: Orgrytevagen 5, Gothenburg, Sweden
good vegan food in Europe 2020
So there you have some cities to put on your list for places to visit in 2020. All of these European cities are also wonderful city breaks that you should really consider putting on your travel list. Eating your way vegan around Europe has never been easier; you will find that many cities at least have one or two vegan cafes but these cities are definitely the capitals in terms of plant based dishes. Got the travel bug yet? 

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