The Best French Interior Designers

 Their names are Jacques Grange, Pierre Yovanovitch, Alberto Pinto, Jacques Garcia or Vincent Darré… These five French interior designers have literally revolutionized the world of decoration. Five personalities, five signatures. Whether they are neoclassical, eccentric, representatives of the Empire or graphic style, these decoration masters are unanimous and reinvent, each in their own way, the very concept of "decoration". 

What do they have in common? An exacerbated aesthetic sensitivity and a precise work of spaces. Portrait of these figures as emblematic as they are respected.


Taking pleasure in bringing together tradition and modernity, Jacques Grange is one of those French interior designers whose name alone makes the world of decoration tremble. Defining his style as "contemporary classic", this decorative artist defies time and eras to create worlds in between, where precision and impertinence are required. 

Whether he signs the apartment of Yves Saint-Laurent, that of Francis Ford Coppola or the couturier Valentino, his universes detonate with their ambivalence, their judicious juxtapositions and their slight casualness, a signature of elegance and Jacques Grange style.


“No matter the style, I like the eclecticism. The important thing is the volumes, the space and the light ”. These few words set the tone and alone define the Alberto Pinto style. Disappeared in 2012, the firm of the same name continues today to distill the touch of the master to the four corners of the world. 

Perfectly handling the art of mixing classic, ethnic or ultra-contemporary styles, Alberto Pinto has forged his paw at the bend of art, cultures and the world in general. The result is inexhaustible sources of inspiration, always different decorations and a bit extravagant, whose only common point is an increased search for eclecticism and aesthetics.



A fervent defender of "Nap III" as he likes to call it, the French interior designer Jacques Garcia is the undisputed master of the Empire and 18th century styles. Modern ambassador of the Grand Siècle, he transposes to all his creations the codes which are specific to him, namely: gilding, woodwork, noble textiles and a certain opulence. Spectacular decorations emerge, at the same time romantic, sumptuous and generous. 

His master stroke? The complete re-decoration of the Château du Champ de Bataille, the most obvious expression of the Garcia style. A style that has not failed to seduce renowned establishments such as the Royal Monceau or Fouquet's for which he has signed the decorations.


Become one of the references in terms of modern and "graphic" decoration, the designer and interior architect Pierre Yovanovitch offers us decorations that abandon styles and influences in favor of an almost obsessive attention given to lines, structures and visual construction. 

His signature ? Counterbalance the deliberately stripped and refined decorations of a seat or a piece of furniture with rounded or asymmetrical designs. Playing on disharmony to create harmony: such is the tour de force of this genius decorator.



Often referred to as a "baroque dandy", this French interior designer shakes up conventions with a jubilant extravaganza all of his own. Directly influenced by surrealism and Dadaism, Darré proudly displays his nonconformism by cheerfully juxtaposing baroque furniture, pepsy colors, classic and arty inspirations. 

The result is joyfully cacophonous decorations, but always perfectly realized. Convinced that good taste is a brake on artistic expression, Vincent Darré paradoxically proves that free expression is all about good taste.

Between classicism and exuberance, conservatism and irreverence, these conductors share extraordinary talent, boundless creativity and an aestheticism that is both unmatched and unmatched. The very essence of French style.

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