Tiles, A Concept As Old As Time, Evolving In 2021


Choosing flooring and cladding for your home is not a simple choice.  This is a very significant statement in home interior design, which will accompany you on a daily basis for many years! Is there a way to make it sustainable? There is always a way to make something green, but firstly let's delve into the world of design!

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1. Size does matter 

Year after year the industry is challenged with ever-growing tiles.  This refers to tiles up to 300 cm in size, and 3 mm to 6 mm thick. The use of extra large tiles gives the house a feeling of space and size, a clean look and fewer rifle grooves prone to soiling, in addition to a powerful feeling of a luxurious, elegant hotel and classic. However, I have to qualify the issue and emphasize that because something is not standard, it is very important to pay particular attention to the quality and strength of the tiles, the level of erosion and no less important, to work only in front of a professional who knows and is able to handle delicate work. This trend is going to accompany us for years. Go ahead and even intensify with the advancement of technology.

2. Not on the straight alone 

This trend started starring a few years ago but is expanding more and more and I mean tiles in unusual cuts.  Hexagons, pentagons, fishbones, diagonals and more. It seems that people are quite tired of the standard straight and they are looking to put interest in tiles with special cuts and angles. 

The fishbone can be applied to both wood and tiles in a variety of colors and I remember it from the distant past, on the floor of the house of a childhood friend who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. At that time it was different and unusual, but it seems that today the example has crossed countries and peoples and many people connect to it and apply it at home.

3. Natural is the best 

After years dominated by the bright and alienated white, the gray and industrial concrete, people seek to return to their roots. This line also started dripping a few years ago and is slowly penetrating more into home design.  People want to feel the nature inside their home. 

The expression of this is found in wood flooring, parquet, wood-like ceramics, natural stone, and many shades of brown that will add a warm, rustic and solid atmosphere to the design of the house. All of this must of course come in a combination of wood furniture, a combination of different shades of green in the walls of the house and in the furniture that bring the harmony and natural feeling into the design of the house.

4. Concrete gives the tone 

In contrast to the previous section we still find those that actually connect to the hard, matte and industrial concrete and here there is a strong trend of large porcelain granite tiles, in a rough matte texture that radiates an unpolished, industrial and even raw look.  Some will say it is the most natural, quiet and relaxing. And this is what I like most about interior design. Everyone designs the environment in which they feel most comfortable, natural and relaxed.

5. Why stop when you can continue 

The trend in which the flooring rises to the wall.  This trend has also already started and it is getting stronger and I am not talking about bathrooms and toilets but about living rooms and dining areas. In this trend, they choose to make the main wall of interest in the room from the same tiled tiles. Whether it is ceramic or wood tiles.  There is something in the continuity of the flooring to the wall that creates a sense of height in the space.Note that this is only one wall which is the wall of interest in the room. 

6. Samba La Bamba 

This trend seeks to make a feast for the eyes and bring happy color into the home through colorful flooring and cladding tiles.  These are brightly colored tiles that come directly from the Brazilian carnival, African earth tones, Scandinavian pastels and a combination of different eclectic design styles. In the countries mentioned like Brazil it is not something unusual at all and has been there for years. But here in all the "clean" white, "industrial" gray, "natural" brown people want to bring joy and color to the house.

So far, an overview of the growing trends in the field of flooring and cladding for the home for 2021. Of course all of this must connect and blend in with the rest of the interior design trends for 2021.  As you have seen, there are a wide variety of different trends where anyone can find the one he most connects to and loves.  Listen to your heart and choose what will feel most natural and comfortable to you over time but remember, we naturally change our desires every few years and are allowed to jump from one style to another, even if it is an extreme transition. 

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