Culture In Abundance In Tel Aviv

In a city where new places pop up every day, others close and it seems that as the cliché article there is not a single moment of pause, there are some cultural institutions that manage to maintain stability. From dance performances, through films from all over the world to music that you will not hear anywhere else - get to know 7 Tel Aviv cultural institutions that make sure to do it well, very well:

Suzanne Dellal 

History at the tip of the fork : It has existed since 1989, and is one of the most prolific cultural centers in the city. The institute is located in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, and was announced as the winner of the Israel Prize in the field of dance art in 2010. The place has been managed since its inception, Yair Vardi. What will you see here: dance, dance and again dance. The Suzanne Dellal Institute is home to the modern Batsheva dance troupes (and the Batsheva Ensemble) and the Inbal Dance Troupe, which hold their performances in the complex, along with rehearsal halls where they rehearse. The dance troupe of Inbal Pinto and Avshalom Polak has also established themselves here in recent years. On Saturdays, the complex is filled with parents and children, who come to see shows for the whole family, and enjoy the variety of restaurants in the area. Fans of the movement will also be able to take "Gaga People" classes, according to the language of Ohad Naharin's movement.

Tel Aviv Museum - The New Wing 

History at the tip of the fork : It has existed since the 1930s, and is considered one of the largest and most important art museums in Israel. In November 2011, an impressive new wing was opened in the name of Shmuel and Herta Amir, designed by architect Preston Scott Cohen. The new space includes no less than 11 galleries and covers an area of ​​18,500 square meters.

What you will see here : The museum has departments for Israeli art, modern art, contemporary art, photography, drawing, prints, design, architecture and classical art. In addition to the exhibitions, there are many cultural events and film screenings in the old wing.

» Tel Aviv Museum, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., Tel Aviv

Heart Cinema 

History at the tip of the fork : Unbelievable, but the Tel Aviv cinema has existed in the field for 35 years. The mythological branch in Dizengoff Center sent arms, and today operates eight more cinemas: "Lev Hod Hasharon", "Lev Smadar" in Jerusalem, "Lev Ramat-Gan", "Lev Daniel" in Herzliya, "Lev Mandarin", "Lev Even Yehuda", "Lev Omar" and "Lev Shoham".

What you will see here: In the days when urban cinemas are being pushed in favor of huge complexes, heart cinema remains an island of artistic sanity. The Cohen brothers, Sorrentino, Woody Allen are just some of the directors whose works come here. This is alongside blockbusters and films for the whole family, and the Oscar winners who are regularly screened at heart. The atmosphere is informal, the popcorn is excellent and the variety will satisfy all your cinematic needs. 

» Lev , Dizengoff 50, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv

Felicja Blumenthal Center

History at the tip of the fork: It relies on an association of the same name founded in 1998, which aims to produce music events. Over the years, a music center has been established on the site, the purpose of which is to hold educational activities in order to train the next generation of musicians.

What you will see here: The place that puts its banner to strengthen the genre of classical music, brings a rich program of concerts, master classes, lectures and workshops and everything about music.

» Felicja Blumenthal Center, Bialik 26, Tel Aviv

Bialik House 

History at the tip of the fork: It is located on one of the most beautiful streets in the city of Tel Aviv, and was, of course, the home of the national poet Haim Nachman Bialik. The impressive house was built on a plot financed by Bialik through the proceeds of his writings, and was inaugurated in 1925.

What you will see here: Today at home you will find a permanent exhibition featuring original Bialik manuscripts, as well as manuscripts sent for his review, along with various printed matter preserved in his estate. In addition, the walls are decorated with paintings and sculptures created by Israeli artists such as: Reuven Rubin, Nahum Gutman and Hannah Orloff. In addition, on Saturdays and holidays, there are activities for children, including a tour and a show for the whole family.

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