Create A Luxury Eco- Friendly Home This Spring

Living in a house that has not been built from the ground up according to the principles of ecological construction does not mean that it cannot be gradually turned green. The base of the house, the walls, the walls, the shell, and of course the contents, are all elements that can be "greened" - give them the green chic. This “green chic” can be obtained directly, by combining elements that meet the green definition due to being made from natural materials and produced in friendly processes, or alternatively, through products whose use contributes to the environment, reduces energy consumption and precious resources, and leads to savings. All this can also be done with a luxury upcycling of the home, to create a beautiful space and a bigger curb side appeal.

Rustic outdoor area eco friendly

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Without going into the details of green architecture, and until there is a comprehensive revolution in the production of decorative objects, we have reduced for you some options to make the house greener, more environmentally friendly, and of course much more beautiful. It all begins with the exterior. With new aluminium windows, you can increase the value almost instantly whilst also maintaining your sustainable pride; yes aluminum is recyclable. It makes a great choice for windows as well as an aesthetically pleasing touch. 

Painting for added luxury

Many paint companies now offer a range of products that are lead-free and based mainly on water, minerals and natural materials, and are good to use for a variety of painting needs: quality wall paints, paints and varnishes for wood and metal, and luxury effects series. In the process, types of plaster are also offered, made of minerals and presented in a variety of grain thicknesses, for a rough or delicate look. It can style a home without having to be too difficult to achieve.

For the use of different materials for walls, surfaces and walkways, you can look deeper into recycled glass tiles. Tiles made of rock-hewn lava with glaze coating, made from more environmentally friendly materials, such as minerals without synthetic dyes and without chemicals. There are Terracotta Bricks of natural clay or handmade mud bricks, which may be harder to come by but still an incredible choice. Tiles made of bamboo; a sustainable material that looks flawless. Cork tiles made from oak bark when the wood itself is not damaged in the process and the tiles made from the material are even characterized by high insulation, thermal and acoustic insulation.

brown leather chair

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Delightful fabrics.

There is something popping up in the depths of Pinterest lately, known as “Cork upholstery”. For example, it is an option to refresh the living room and update it with a more contemporary and environmentally friendly fabric. A friendly upholstery collection is, for example, one that uses cork bark. It provides a rough, and natural look to the furniture and at the same time is considered breathable, with coarse pores that contribute to the character of the fabric. These can be used as throws or curtains. Green fabrics in general are dyed naturally with colourings that are not damaging to the planet and can create a botanical feel. Adding textures and fabrics bring a semblance of beauty to a room. Fabrics that embody an interesting connection between tradition and innovation, are brilliant to continue your exterior and interior design journey. 

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