Anthénea, The World's First Floating Luxury Suite

There are architectural projects that go beyond fiction, such as Anthénea: the world's first floating suite. This luxury loft designed by the naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle, is a dream come true for lovers of the sea and a prototype of the houses of the future.

Anthenea Private

With 50 square meters of interiors and solar panels on its roof that capture the sun's energy for its operation, this sustainable suite is rented in France not only as a hotel, but also as a private club and restaurant, for tourists who love the sea or scientists dedicated to marine exploration. Here's everything you need to know about Anthénea, the world's first floating luxury suite.

What is Anthénea?

Anthénea is a floating luxury suite, considered the first of its kind in the world, designed under a sustainable prototype ,that is, it works with solar energy. With a shape similar to a UFO, this suite has large windows that allow you to appreciate the sea and the sky from any point, allowing guests to be in contact with nature. Presented at the Salon Nautic in Paris, Anthénea is not only rented in France as a hotel, but also as a private club and restaurant, open to tourists in general and scientists dedicated to marine exploration. Due to their innovative design, some European countries are studying the possibility of creating similar complexes that, beyond functioning as tourist complexes, represent a prototype of the houses of the future.

Who designed Anthénea?

Anthénea was a project designed by the naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle, who for 15 years developed this prototype houseboat inspired by the 1977 James Bond movie, "The Spy Who Loved Me." It is worth mentioning that the French architect Ducancelle also designed the interior of Athénea, in order to create a space that symbiosis with nature. Thus, the objective of this design was to rethink spaces to change habits and break the routine.

How is its interior?

Being a luxury suite, Anthénea has 50 square meters inside. Each of the spaces is designed for multiple functions, such as the living room, which has a circular sofa and a table that turns into a bed, as well as 360-degree windows that offer a surrounding view of the underwater life below the boat.

In addition, Anthénea has a master bedroom, circular bathtub, sink and shower, as well as a bar and kitchen, with one of the best views in the loft. Also, the upper deck solarium is the ideal place to sunbathe and enjoy the scenery, with seating with 360-degree views, to make it easy for guests to get in and out of the water for swimming and snorkeling.

Why is Anthénea sustainable?

One of the most attractive features of Anthénea is its sustainability, as it is energy self-sufficient. Thus, this suite works with solar energy, thanks to panels located in its cupola, which power the engine and the rest of the boat. Also, the exterior material of this suite is an amalgam of polyester, which makes the house unsinkable. Also, Anthénea has an emergency electrical system, to ensure that it does not run out of power in case there is a problem with the solar panels.

How much does it cost to stay at Anthénea?

Since its launch, Anthénea is generally rented for a price of 290 euros per night for two people. However, this year it was announced that this suite will go on sale starting in September, with an approximate price of $ 535,000. 

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