The Best Luxury Hotels in Monaco


Monaco, the playground of the rich. But what hotels tempt the tastebuds if you are heading to Monaco for work or pleasure? You'll be surprised at the amount of local food that you can delve into, a lot of which has been responsibly and locally sourced.

Hermitage Hotel - Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo

This hotel has a 5 star rating and is considered one of the best hotels in the world. The hotel is located inside a palace that is considered a historical monument and each room in it is decorated in a different style, so in fact it is a boutique hotel on a level that simply does not exist elsewhere.

The hotel is 200 meters from the famous Monte Carlo Casino, but you should not go too far because the hotel has its own casino. In addition, the hotel has two bars, a business center with meeting rooms, a seafood restaurant won a Michelin star, a winter garden, a spa -sized 7000 square meters with a gym and hairdresser, soundproofing, kids club and a private beach that can be reached by free shuttle from the hotel.

You can also enjoy a personalized nutritional menu, shoe shine service, ironing and dry cleaning, free Wi-Fi, private parking and courteous treatment for your pets. And we have not talked about the fact that the hotel is accessible to the disabled and that it is completely non-smoking.

Hotel de Paris - Hôtel de Paris

This hotel also has a 5-star level and geographical proximity to the Monte Carlo casino, but here too you should not bother because the hotel has its own casino, wine cellar, piano bar and two restaurants, one of which won 3 Michelin stars.

The hotel is housed in a 150-year-old building but all the services you will enjoy at the hotel are wonderfully modern, such as a spa and wellness center, air conditioning, free shuttle service throughout the princesses, free Wi-Fi, private beach, parking, babysitting services and even a positive pet service. In addition, hotel guests enjoy free admission or discounts on admission to SBM corporation sites, such as free admission to the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo Spa and more.

Hotel Metropole - Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo

Seemingly another 5-star hotel 100 meters from the famous casino, but here too you can enjoy an experience you have never known before, such as the prestigious House of Givenchy spa, gardens, bar, private parking, acoustic rooms, free Wi-Fi and warm pets.

Here, too, there is disabled access and a healthy approach (the entire hotel is non-smoking), but the highlight of the hotel is its restaurants - three restaurants run by the late Chef Joel Robuchon and awarded Michelin stars:

  • Joël Robuchon Restaurant specializes in French cuisine

  • Yoshi Restaurant specializes in Japanese food

  • Odyssey Restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

Another gourmet dish from Joel Robshon's kitchenAnother gourmet dish from Joel Robshon's kitchen

Monte Carlo Bay - Monte-carlo Bay Hotel And Resort

This hotel is considered relatively modest and is rated only 4 stars, but in Monaco as in Monaco you can indulge here as a minimum of royalty and enjoy all the good: 4 restaurants, 4 gardens, casino, 900 m2 spa with gym and hairdresser, lagoon with waterfalls , A tennis court, a nightclub and quick access to the bathing beach thanks to its location on Larvotto Beach.

And you will probably be happy to know that all the hotel rooms are air-conditioned and acoustic, that all the beds in the rooms are extra long (over 2 meters), that it is possible to book family rooms and that during the summer there is a kids club. Although here too you can enjoy a personalized nutrition menu, free Wi-Fi, a business center, a free shuttle service, a shopping center, but where else can you enjoy a private helicopter pad?

Considering the proximity of the hotel to the Jimmi`z Club, the fact that it has an electric car charging station and the possibility of late check-in - one result is obtained: a hotel that offers full value for money and we say - why pay more to enjoy all that Monaco has to offer and cheap ?

Fairmont Monte Carlo

This hotel also has a 4-star rating, but unlike its predecessor it allows you to enjoy the good life easily for two reasons: the hotel is on the Grand Prix racetrack and just 200 meters from the Monte Carlo Casino.

Here you can also enjoy a local casino, private parking (also for the disabled), a mall, acoustic rooms and family rooms, a nightclub with live and evening-themed performances, a spa with gym and beauty salon and even a heated pool on the hotel roof. If you are lucky and stay in the place, you can choose between the various options:

  • Your room from a variety of rooms for smokers, non-smokers and those suffering from various allergies.

  • The view you will see from your room: a view of the racetrack, the garden or the sea.

  • The beach where you will spend out of 4 different beaches. In any case, do not forget the hotel's beach package, which includes a shuttle to the chosen beach, towels, a beach bag, sunbeds and parasols.

And we have not talked about the possibility of renting a bike, the warm treatment of pets, the free wireless internet, the charging station for an electric car that is in the hotel, the shoe shine service and this is only a partial list. And if you are hungry at the hotel you can also choose what you will eat thanks to 4 different restaurants:

  • Nobu Restaurant serves traditional Japanese food with South American seasoning

  • Saphir 24 Bistro Bar serves traditional French cuisine 24/7

  • Nikki Beach Restaurant serves international dishes by the pool

  • The Horizon Deck restaurant bar that serves Mediterranean food in front of a panoramic view of the princesses.

Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel

Le Méridien Beach Plaza Hotel

This hotel also has a 4 star level but here too you will enjoy it like kings at least. This is how the hotel includes air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, souvenir shop, private parking, private beach, spa with gym and beauty salon and especially quick access to the nearby Grimaldi Forum (200 meters or two minutes walk).

And you will surely be happy to know that in this hotel you can enjoy non-smoking rooms and rooms for the disabled, room service, dry cleaning and laundry, a friendly attitude towards your pet and a boutique atmosphere that is not found elsewhere. And not to mention the L'Intempo restaurant where you can enjoy gourmet international food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Port Palace Hotel

This hotel has a 4 star rating but even here there is no truth in advertising for one reason - the hotel pampers its guests much more than any other boutique. The hotel is in the center of the Grand Prix racetrack, overlooking the port of Hercules and just 400 meters from the famous casino, so you are in the center of things 24/7.

And if you are particularly interested in pampering - we especially recommend the Executive Suite which is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. The suite not only covers 89 m2 but also includes a private sauna and Jacuzzi, an additional toilet and a view of both the port and the sea. We would say "America" ​​but Monaco has much higher standards. At the hotel you can enjoy a spa with gym and beauty salon, local casino, library, air conditioning, non-smoking acoustic rooms, rooms for the disabled and family rooms, free Wi-Fi, private and secure parking and warm treatment for your pet. And not to mention the hotel restaurant that serves wonderfully fresh fish and seafood.

The freshest fish and seafood available at the Fort Palace Hotel restaurant

The freshest fish and seafood available at the Fort Palace Hotel restaurant

Novotel Monte Carlo

Although considered a 3-star hotel, this hotel is a boutique hotel that allows quick access to all the attractions in Monaco: the Palace of the Prince, the Port of Hercules, the Monte Carlo Casino and the Grimaldi Forum.

Although the hotel boasts a Mediterranean restaurant called Novotel Café, we think it is worth a visit if only because of the option to choose the breakfast style:

  • American buffet style breakfast

  • Breakfast will arrive in your room via the hotel's room service

  • Breakfast at the hotel bar in fast food style.

At the hotel you can also enjoy a spa, free Wi-Fi, parking, a library, a children's playroom and acoustic rooms. And you will surely be happy to know that instead you can recharge your electric car, eat according to your nutritional requirements, enjoy sporting events that are broadcast live at the hotel and rent different luxury vehicles every day.

Hotel Columbus Monte Carlo - Hotel Columbus

This hotel also has a 3-star rating on paper and an actual reality that is more luxurious. The hotel was completely renovated in 2018 and now includes a restaurant, acoustic and air-conditioned rooms, a gym, an electric car charging station and private and secure parking.

The owner of the hotel is a retired race driver, so don't be surprised if you find that the renowned Grand Prix drivers are your new neighbors. Nevertheless, we recommend not to give up the possibility of using the hotel's shuttle service for one purpose - to get to the Monte Carlo district for free.

And you will surely be happy to know that the hotel is completely ecological and engraved on its banner the concern for the environment. In fact, as early as 2013, the hotel won the Green Key Label - a title awarded to tourism institutions in recognition of their efforts in adapting the place to ecological and sustainable requirements. And we say - what's good for Formula 1 drivers will probably be good for you too. Another satisfied racing driver at the Columbus Hotel in Monaco

Hotel Ambassador - Hotel Ambassador

This hotel is within walking distance of Monaco Train Station, the Port of Hercules, the Prince's Palace and the renowned Monte Carlo Casino, so although it is a 3 star hotel you can be sure of one thing - you will enjoy at least 5 star treats here. At the hotel you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, meeting rooms suitable for 20 people, discounted parking, acoustic rooms and panoramic windows that will allow you both plenty of natural light and scenic views.

And you will surely be happy to know that the whole hotel is non-smoking, that it is possible to attach your pets to the pastime and that there is an Italian restaurant called P&P. And do not make it easy for you because in the restaurant you can choose from 30 different types of pizza, enjoy a pizza made from 5 different flours and decide whether to eat pastas, salads, soups or desserts.

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