Bio-Spa Victoria, Tenerife's Luxury Spa

 The World Luxury Spa Awards have awarded Bio-Spa Victoria, located in Adeje (Tenerife), as the Best Spa in the World and the Best Eco Spa in Europe. With only a year and a half of life, Abraham Portocarrero, director of the wellness center, acknowledges that “our surprise was great. We competed with Mexican spas with waterfalls and other high-end Asian spas. With our facilities we had nothing to do." The reason? His holistic therapies for body and mind are customizable and perfectly orchestrated to ensure an unforgettable experience at an affordable price.

The World Luxury Spa awards have spoken this summer, and in their ninth edition they have declared that the best spa in the world is in Spain. Specifically, in the south of Tenerife, in Adeje. It is the Bio-Spa Victoria, which has also been named Best Eco Spa in Europe. These awards, which are awarded by a group of businessmen based in the Republic of Mauritius, provide international recognition to the winners. It is the spas that apply and the clients that vote for them. In the case of Bio-Spa Victoria, its managers were presented to the category of Best Eco Spa in Europe, and in addition to this they won the jackpot.

“Our surprise was huge. We competed with Mexican spas with waterfalls and other Asian luxury ones, and with our facilities we had nothing to do. Plus, we've only been a year and a half since we opened. I asked why they had awarded us and they answered that because we have a unique and different proposal, beyond the usual experiences and rituals, ”says Abraham Portocarrero, director of Bio-Spa Victoria. This proposal consists of fully personalizing the treatments, which are holistic in nature. That is, they serve the body and mind. “We did not want to deliver messages, but to revolutionize the concept. We do not follow one standard for all clients. We must follow an order in the treatments, but we do it applying our own criteria and our experience. For example, we have the Mover treatment, to improve physical well-being. In its premium version, lasting two hours, we perform a decontracting massage and use manual techniques, contrasted with water and aromatherapy. But if we detect that we have to change on the fly to another treatment, we do it, we are flexible.”

In addition to combining osteopathy, acupressure and aromatherapy, he is distinguished by its ecological character. They work with natural products from the Catalan company Arôms Natur, which personalizes the oils for them. And, although its facilities are not stagnant, they are complete and correct. They have an indoor pool with Jacuzzi, air beds and jets at different pressures, a sauna, steam room, sensation showers, hydromassage pools, massage and beauty treatment rooms and an outdoor counter-current pool. Another of its strengths is the area for families, a private space with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sensation showers and massage cabins in which to enjoy with the children.

There are spas where you rub your elbows (when not other parts of your body) with the one next to you. But that does not usually happen in the corner wellness of luxury hotels. The Bio-Spa Victoria is sheltered under the five-star great luxury hotel GF Victoria, which is managed by the Fedola Group. In addition to its 900 square meters, it has another 500 m2 private spa in the attic and areas reserved for adults. "It cannot be overcrowded, there are never more than six couples in total," says Portocarrero.

*Photos courtesy: Bio-Victoria, Adeje

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