The Provencal Farmhouses Of Avignon

In Avignon, papal legends have largely contributed to the rise of prestigious real estate and the appearance of Provençal farmhouses steeped in history.

Provencal farmhouse: papal legends in Avignon


  1. A prestigious real estate festival
  2. A city with international influence
  3. A domain steeped in history to be reconverted

The Palais des Papes is about to return to what it was since its construction: one of the major cultural and heritage sites in Europe, to the delight of theater and museum lovers. Good news for the high-end real estate market, the southern town that hosts it is the setting for luxury Provencal farmhouses for sale in AvignonMuch has been said about this regional capital since the Sovereign Pontiffs took refuge there at the beginning of the 14th century. People come from all over the world to discover the remains of the Saint-Bénézet bridge, the subject of a children's rhyme that is an integral part of local folklore. During their visits, tourists and romantics alike make a wish on the arches that once spanned the Rhône, before its partial destruction by seasonal floods and wars. Today, it is necessary to make a rather long detour to connect the island of Barthelasse which faces it.

A prestigious real estate festival

As in several preserved districts, the city, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, is full of prestigious properties, goods, with incredible services, hidden in the cobbled streets of its medieval center and under its ramparts, patiently restored over the years. decades. Student, Avignon attracts families for the quality of the teaching of its school and university groups, eager to buy a luxury Provencal farmhouse in the Vaucluse departmentOther assets of the capital of the Côtes-du-Rhône, and they are important, are the gourmet sun-kissed specialties that it offers. Namely, stew, aioli, navarin and ratatouille.

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