Business Talks: Can SEO Help Your Green Business?


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and yes it can help any business. Specifically sustainable businesses, because today there is an influx of new kids on the block. And it’s good to stand out. 

Appearing naturally on the first page, eliminates the need for businesses and companies to rely on sponsored promotion. In sponsored promotion we pay Google through the Google Ads campaign system for each click on a relevant keyword. Google SEO is a marketing channel that will not necessarily suit every business. When potential customers contact me, and I get the impression that they do not know the field, I also list the less glamorous parts of the field. After all, if you pay me then you need to know where to go: SEO takes time - while in Google-sponsored promotion, we appear immediately in the search results (because we pay Google for each click), in organic promotion it takes time to "convince" the search engines that our site is relevant to a particular keyword, more than the competition.

Will we move forward? Probably! But it is very important to take into account that we have a "long run" process, and not something that will yield results in the first month.

SEO requires a website - there is no way around it, and it is impossible to promote an organic landing page unless the domain is really but really uncompetitive. For example, geeks in the top five are likely to advance with a single landing page. In contrast, a business consultant will not even enter the tenth page of search results.

You must first invest in designing and building a website with content pages, a blog, a site that can be nurtured and enlarged at any time. If I've lowered you a bit to the enthusiasm from SEO, here's I'll resurrect your morale. Here are the most notable benefits of organic promotion: Stabilization on the first page - When you work consistently and neatly, you start screwing up on the first page of search results, and in a wide variety of keywords. The stronger the site, the more stable we are on the first page, and we have no dependence on creating sponsored campaigns. Credibility of the business in the eyes of the surfers - there is a certain psychological interest that surfers perceive Google as a quality standard. While quite a few surfers treat Google-sponsored ads with some suspicion, if a site appears to them on the first page naturally, they perceive the business as more quality. It's not just there. This helps increase the conversion rate, and surfers who leave a turn to a business that is promoted organically, tend to have warmer leads. If it is an ecommerce site, then there is also a higher tendency for surfers to make a purchase. The site is perceived as more reliable, and not as an unrecognized business that is afraid to perform an operation that includes credit card details.

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Promotion is horizontal - when we do SEO site promotion, we are not just promoting certain keywords. The site is maintained horizontally, which means that even words that we did not necessarily try to promote or put effort into, progressed on their own. The reason is that when a site is strong enough, then the search engines conclude that it can provide surfers with an answer in a variety of topics.

You can downshift at a certain point - it depends a lot on the field, but when a site has already been promoted for about two years and reached results, you can get your foot off the gas a bit, and you do not have to intensively promote at the same level. It is important to note that if it is a very competitive field where the competitors do not stop trying to reach the top ten, the top five and especially the top three of the search results, then a certain level of maintenance should be maintained.

What does SEO promotion actually involve?

So far I have listed the pros and cons of organic SEO. But you may very well have come across this article because you wanted to know what it actually looked like. Maybe because you want to promote yourself, maybe because you have your own website promoter. Onsite optimization means making sure that every page and page on your site is optimized for search engine quality guidelines. Why is it important? Because the way we promote keywords in search engines is based on the "keyword per page" method. 

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Consistently upload new content to the site

New content is an integral part of SEO promotion and for several reasons:

  1. Word Promotion Per Page - Remember in the first section I said that every keyword should have its own page on the site? So this is the strategy that is derived from it.
    If I have a particular website that I promote, say a real estate lawyer, and I do not have a page for it that promotes the word apartment sale lawyer, then I just will not promote that word. Therefore, we are constantly uploading new content, in the sense of new pages to the site. We must constantly develop the site, and find more and more words that we want to promote. For example, a lawyer buying an apartment from a contractor, and on the other hand a lawyer buying a second-hand apartment, a lawyer buying a third apartment, a lawyer buying a plot of land, buying agricultural land and much more.

  2. Search Engines Love Big Websites - Consistently increasing a website helps signal to search engines that it is a great, high-quality source of information.
    If you are a 5-page site, you are unlikely to see results. But if you are a 50 page website, you will already start to get a nice presence in the search results. A site of 100 pages in total, 200?  

  3. Consistent uploading of articles contributes to promotion - it's already a matter of technique. I personally upload a lot of articles to my client sites because I notice that it helps in promotion. 

Search engines like sites that upload content frequently, as it signals updating for the sake of the surfers. One of the leading parameters in SEO is the issue of user experience and providing value to the surfer. 

External links are an integral part of the promotion as well.

Building external links is an important part that greatly affects your promotion. It is important to note that proper construction should be done gradually, and the sites should be chosen carefully. Websites can rise and fall on external links. For example, excessive construction can lead to a decrease in locations. Bottom line: You have to build links to the site every month, and gradually. Link to the home page, link to categories pages we want to promote, articles and more. This is how you gradually build up better SEO.

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