10 Must See Places In Greece

Hardly any other country in the world exudes as much mysticism as Greece, with all its ancient temples and buildings. But there is also a lot to discover apart from the historical sites - from the beautiful beaches of the islands and coastal areas of Greece to the picturesque mountains in its heart. We have looked at the 12 most beautiful places in Greece in detail for you!

1. Meteora

Probably known to many by name from the music album of the same name, the original Meteora is one of the most mystical and fascinating places in Greece: Six Orthodox monasteries tower up towards the sky on jagged rock formations and offer more than just interesting insights into the history and religious culture of the Landes, but also some of the most picturesque views you can imagine. Originally the complex consisted of 24 monasteries - unfortunately only the six mentioned at the beginning survive to this day.

2. Monemvasia

Often known as the Gibraltar of the East, the breathtakingly beautiful city of Monemvasia is located on a small island off the Greek west coast and can only be reached via a short access road. The city is located on a plateau, about 100 meters above sea level and thus offers wonderful views over the sea and the coast of the Peloponnese. In Monemvasia itself you can see several churches, such as the Hagia Sophie or the Elkomenos Christos, but also a lighthouse and the rough natural landscapes on the coast lure you to excursions. From Monemvasia you can also quickly reach the beaches on the mainland of Greece, both on foot and by rental car, with soft sand and calm waves that invite you to relax, sunbathe and dive into the waves.

3. Elafonisi, Crete

Next, it's on to another island in Greece - the small island of Elafonisi near the southwestern tip of Crete. What's so special here? It's simple: Elafonisi is one of the few places in the world where you can sunbathe and relax on pink sand. The peculiar color is created by microorganisms that are washed up and make the sand appear pink. Despite the pink sand, the water in Elafonisi is crystal clear and invites you to swim and splash around as well as to snorkel or go on boat trips and walks along the lagoon. And if your head is still after a little sightseeing, you can also visit the 17th century monastery of Chrysoskalitissa here.

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4. Rhodes old town

One of the most famous and most visited places in Greece is the ancient city of Rhodes on the island of the same name. The old town of the place is particularly nice to visit and takes you back to the time of the ancient Romans and the building of the most famous landmark of the island: the Colossus of Rhodes. Although this is no longer in modern times, there are all sorts of other sights in RhodesAfter a visit to the medieval Grand Master's Palace of Rhodes, you can relax in the narrow, stone-paved streets of the city under olive trees with refreshing drinks or stroll through the markets and small shops. And for those who would like to go on excursions into the surrounding area, we recommend a visit to the Acropolis of Rhodes and the wonderful Valley of the Butterflies. Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands - here we present even more of them:  The 20 most popular Greek islands

5. Oia, (Ia), Santorini 

Whitewashed houses, blue roofs and the fantastic view of the open sea - this is exactly how you imagine a holiday in Greece and that is exactly what you will find on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Santorini (or Santorini) in the south of the Aegean Sea. Santorini is mainly dominated by its two largest cities, Oia in the north of the island and Fira on the west coast. Both places are built into the volcanic slopes of the island and offer you incredibly beautiful scenery as well as plenty of opportunity to enjoy the highly praised culinary delights of Santorini, especially the good wine of the region.

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6. Parthenon (Acropolis), Athens

The Greek capital Athens also has some fascinating places to offer - from the many remnants of the ancient culture of the metropolis to its ultra-modern side. One of the city's attractions that should not be missed is the famous Parthenon in the middle of the Athens Acropolis. The impressive pillared temple, which is dedicated to the goddess and godmother of the capital, Athena, dates from the fifth century BC and overlooks the whole of Athens, which means that you can not only admire the building from anywhere in the metropolis, but also, conversely, unique views from up there can enjoy across the entire region.

7. Assos, Kefalonia 

From the capital it goes back to the islands of Greece, this time to Kefalonia, in the small coastal village of Assos in the north-west of the island. Dominated by the ruins of the mighty castle of Assos, the idyllic place by the sea is the perfect place to completely forget all the stresses of everyday life for a few days. Here you can enjoy the relaxed Greek mentality in peace and quiet, indulge in culinary delights or go on excursions into the picturesque landscapes of the island. During walks in the wonderful port of Assos you can admire the colorful facades of the houses on the shore as well as the sunset over the waves and for all water rats among you there are also secluded beaches that gently slope into the azure blue water.

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8. Kavala 

If you are looking for lively cities instead of quiet islands for your vacation in Greece, then Kavála could be just the right destination for you. The pretty city in the north of the country is located directly on the bay of the same name and offers you not only a large selection of museums but also plenty of opportunities to enjoy the exciting nightlife. Some sights to visit here are, for example, the aqueduct of Kavála or the castle of the city, which is surrounded by tinned walls in the heart of the village and you also get perfect views of Kavála itself, the bay and the open area during a visit Sea to the nearby island of Thasos.

9. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos 

Greece is full of beautiful beaches, but while most of the country's coasts primarily score with soft sand and crystal clear water, the beach of Navagio on the Ionian island of Zakynthos adds one more thing: Here you will also find a stranded shipwreck, the The island also has its nicknames: Shipwreck Island or Smuggler Island (after the stranded ship allegedly smuggled tobacco and wine). The rusty skeleton of the MV Panagiotis in front of the dramatic cliffs and accompanied by the deep blue of the waves is not only an unbelievably great sight for all those who are there, but also offers itself as a uniquely beautiful photo motif for all photographers - And by the way, you can of course sunbathe here and refresh yourself in the waves.

10. Ano Poli, Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea offers visitors two faces: The very modern side of the city in the lower part of the city as well as the complete opposite: the "upper city" Ano Poli, shaped by witnesses from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past of the place. Full of impressive sights, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can take a trip back in time and visit wonderful sites such as the Byzantine church of Agios Nikolaos or the monastery of Vlatadon, and enjoy culinary delights in the neighborhood's cute cafés and restaurants Let yourself be pampered - or you can just go to the remains of the Byzantine walls and enjoy the unrestricted view over Thessaloniki and its coast.

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