Gateway To The East: Rhodes

After spending four glorious days on this eastern Greek island, I can truly say that it feels like the gateway to the East. It's full of Turkish design and architecture, many old Ottoman mosques remain and it has the remnants of the empire throughout Rhodes old town, but with the hospitality and culture of the Greeks! I stayed at the Ibiscus Hotel in Rhodes Town, it was a little quick getaway with my favourite go-to Jet2Holidays and after trolling so many hotels, I decided upon a quiet, small city hotel which had a pool and also the vibes of the city without being too remote.

Art in Rhodes Town

Rhodes offers so much. The harbour is crammed full of tourists stands for boat rides, adventures, day trips, there is no way you can miss it and it makes it perfect for tourists who don't travel too often. Everything is at your fingertips. Take a day trip to Lindos (highly recommend although it is very busy through summer) and also I recommend looking at a day trip to Turkey with Tourtlee (make sure you get your e-visa online before you go if you're a UK national). If the water isn't for you, I'd recommend getting lost in the old town, everything is stone, rustic, a little reminiscent of Malta and has plenty of untouched streets, local cuisine and cafes. The Palace Of The Grand Master Of The Knights is in the main hub, you can't miss it when you're wandering through the old town, you'll find it is very busy but not too crammed and of course there is the Acropolis of Rhodes which is at the very highest point of the city, with panoramic views of the city. Good for walkers especially but not quite the spectacle that is the Acropolis of Athens. 

Archeological Museum of Rhodes is another good spot for history lovers, and you'll also find art galleries in the town also. Food is very varied, you'll find a good mix of both Greek and western food, we even spotted a Starbucks (they're everywhere!) and there are lots of Italian pizzerias too, so I would not worry about cuisine in Greece. I think the fun part about travelling usually, are the memories that you bring home with you from a trip. The places you've seen, the people you've encountered and the historical information you've learned. Rhodes is nearby to the island of Kos also and if you wanted to island hop, Rhodes can accommodate you with their huge marina - there are boats that transfer you to many of the neighbouring islands.


The ideal day trip, although the boat ride is long, it's worth it for the exhilarating sea breeze and many of the tours allow a swim stop. Ours stopped off at the incredible Anthony Quinn Bay, which was a refreshing (and very cold) stop for a dip but incredibly memorable. To do things that I would not have dared do before and conquering anxieties and fears feels wonderful; so to be able to say yes to new things really helped make the trip even more special. Lindos is down the eastern coast, a beautiful white village is awaiting and sandy beaches with warmer bays. It is idyllic and charming, albeit hilly and a little unstable under foot at points but the town itself is well maintained and flat once you reach it. It seems a popular hotspot for British tourists and many of the buildings are little villas which is the most beautiful place -I would love to go back. Take a look at their official tourist site for further information here

Lindos Village Greece

 Overall, this lovely island has plenty to offer and is an island I had never thought to explore, as many people opt for the picturesque Santorini, although parts of Lindos already have a feel of Santorini. There's plenty to explore in Greece - make sure Rhodes is on your list! It's a travel Blogger and Instagrammer's heaven! For more insight into the trip, check out my Vlog on the island! 

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