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The modern way of life on Earth causes enormous damage to the environment: the nature of consumption, the many trips, the use of non-perishable materials - all these and more charge a price that is sometimes irreversible. Offensive consumption of non-recyclable materials creates a seal that remains on the planet for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years, and even more.

The damage consumes non-green

The damage in the growing consumer trend is great, it is manifested in the process required for production, a process that includes the use of precious natural resources that will not return in the next thousands of years, deforestation, pollution and emissions of toxic gases and effluents during production. In addition, the consumption of products from non-perishable materials causes the waste process to end up in waste that remains forever, and areas that instead of being green or useful become garbage dumps that are not used further and also create environmentally harmful gases.

Perceptual change and ecological thinking 

Although the earth pays a heavy price due to harmful consumption, one can see the trend of change and the desire of many people to make environmentally friendly choices. Ecological thinking includes the adoption of actions that contribute to the environment and the use of perishable products, which are produced in the first place in a green way, taking into account the planet without sacrificing personal comfort.

The green trend - also in furniture

Green furniture, or in other words - sustainable furniture, designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. The design takes into account the use of renewable sources and is made from only natural raw materials, including wood, palms, bamboo cotton and the like. The development of the green trend and the desire to consume in a way that is not harmful to the environment is natural, and today it is possible to change the nature of consumption in the choice of furniture for the home and abroad.

Perfect looking green furniture - ecological furniture from Washwashi

All Washwashi furniture is manufactured in a process that reduces environmental damage, during which biodegradable raw materials are used in order to minimize environmental damage. Green furniture does not come at the expense of aesthetics and design, but on the contrary: the furniture blends into the yards, balconies, living room and any other corner of the house in a harmonious way. They combine soft colors alongside emphasizing the natural material like wood.

Ecological furniture

Washwashi's ecological date furniture

In the store you will find a single item or an entire seating area, a variety of mattresses, pillows, rugs and decorative accessories for the home. They are all high quality, impressive in their design and considerate of the planet. The company's furniture is handmade, and we invite you to see how you too can design the house while also preserving the environment.

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