Autumn Colour Challenge With Wayfair

Here is a full list of everything I purchased. Read on to find out more about them and how I've been styling them!

Clothes Rail (complete with two racks) -CLICK TO SHOP - £47.99

Riva Squared Wooden Stool (white)CLICK TO SHOP - £31.99

Although this stool on first glance was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, I can still sit on it comfortably and use it as a vanity stool! It is pretty small so it can be probably used for children well or even as a foot stool, but it is so quaint and cute, and really love the wicker effect, I always feel this gives a touch of autumn and it is so non-invasive and sits really well anywhere!

Snow Neroli Essence Perfumed CandleCLICK TO SHOP - £8.85

This smells incredible!! It really does smell so good!!! I can't explain how aromatic this is and when I saw the colour and style, it was a must for my shopping basket! It has an antique feel to it and looks really special. The dark blue is a really lovely touch to my all white room and brings a little bit of style to my dressing table space. I light it when I'm getting ready for the incredible smell, but this is so cute and even the little candle top reminds me of a pumpkin! So festive and lovely!

For more information on Wayfair's new Colour Challenge, click here and happy shopping! Get finding the perfect autumnal picks and see what autumn colours you can find!

*This post was written in collaboration with Wayfair, but all opinions are my own. 

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