Born Wild Tea Review

I was fortunate enough to be sent some tea samples by the company Born Wild Tea, based in Manchester, UK, who specialize in a huge range of gorgeous innovative loose tea, healthy and flavoursome, with really unique ingredients that make their products so appealing. I was sent five samples to test, which included, Raggae Refresh (Herbal), Apple Crumble (Green Tea), Raspberry Ripple Popcorn (Black Tea), White Peony (White Tea), and Detox Delight (Rooibos).  

I am such a tea addict. I am one of those who loves to fill up my pot of tea, and do some creative writing, and really turn off from the world. Finding good teas that are made with passion and love, is always a challenge, but I'm super impressed with everything about Born Wild. They even offer tea parties...how awesome is that!!

Tea Selections

The first thing that hit me about these teas when I opened them, was the smell. The aroma is beautiful, for each and every one, they are so highly aromatic, fruity tones coming through, and a really lovely sweetness, that they really could be air fresheners, that is how good they smell. Secondly, the colour of them, so colourful that they literally look like you have picked them and dried them yourself from the most beautiful gardens. The Raggae Refresh Tea looks like a tropical holiday in tea form and the Raspberry Ripple Popcorn is a gorgeous deep black tea with the pop of pink is so pretty....and they even have actual pieces of popcorn in them! Seriously. 

Apple Crumble Tea

Onto the taste. We all know that certain teas can be a little harsh on the palette, sometimes they are even a little bit bitter or really not pleasing on the tastebuds. I poured out the Apple Crumble tea first, purely because it sounded like one I may not like as much as the others... and I wanted to save the ones that I thought I would love. I was wrong. The Apple Crumble was gorgeous!! Just like each of the teas, they are so subtle in flavour, with layer upon layer of flavour, and every mouthful you get a taste of something different. A little bit of fruitiness, then you get a kick of sweet, and it really is so refreshing, without being in anyway overpowering. 

Including tea in your diet is a must anyway, it is so good for you, and it can really combat certain common ailments that we all get either day to day or from time to time. It can really help keep certain things at bay, such as digestive problems, headaches, stress, and much more. Everything that Born Wild Tea stands for is really good, and they are super friendly and helpful. The Cocoa Dreamer tea is definitely on my list to try, because it sounds divine! 

If you wish to check these guys out, here are the links! 

Born Wild Tea Website

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