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Yorkshire has some hidden gems that is for sure. Every country lane in Yorkshire leads to a village or town, or countrywalk, riddled with majestic qualities, pure country air and always the typical northern humbling smile. With oodles of artistic flair and style, Ripon possesses so much potential for people who love to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Just a few short miles out of spa town Harrogate, Ripon is a city, with a stunning Cathedral, picturesque riverside, lots of little vintage shops and bargain shops (aren't we all on hunts for bargains) and a few restaurants that cater to everyone's tastes. Prezzo, being one of my favourites, always on point and stylish to the max.

Although on first glance, it may be seemingly suited more so to the more mature person. It probably easily could be, but for those people who like to find beauty in new places, with charm and culture mixed into one, then Ripon can be what you want to make of it. It is limited on its bars and clubs as nightlife is not its primary focus and it doesn't need to be, with Harrogate just a few short miles away, which makes Ripon such a tiny haven for those wanting to lead the quieter life.

Ripon Minster
Ripon Minster
River Ure
Every street tells such a story, building after building of untold history lies inside. So many of these buildings in Ripon date back to the 1700's and I imagine some even before that, the Minster was founded in 672AD. There are many little shops to wander into, lots of little knick-knack shops, full of antiques and vintage items, handmade crafty homewear. It seems to lack the little quaint coffee shops, but houses all the popular ones, such as Costa and Cafe Nero. Finding intriguing architecture is such a rarity, with each building being one of a kind, it makes for the perfect picture postcard.

Ripon, Yorkshire
Behind Ripon Minster 
Ripon, Yorkshire
Saint Agnes Lodge
Ripon, Yorkshire
Ripon Street
Ripon, Yorkshire
The Old Deanery
Ripon, Yorkshire
The Old Deanery

Here is a little list of my top 5 places to visit whilst in Ripon. 

1. Ripon Minster 
2. Prezzo Restaurant - see more here.
3. Karma (Spirutual/Alternative Shop) - see more here.
4. The Old Deanery Hotel - see more here.
5. Courthouse Museum - see more here.

Of course there are plenty of family friendly activities, all of which can be found here. The next tieme you're looking for a little, relaxing and very underwhelming day out with plenty of zesty cobbled streets and a plethora of places to spend your money. Ripon also offers long river walks which would be perfect coupled with a delicious dollop of vanilla ice-cream through the summer.

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