The Best Five Hikes In Australia

Australia is known worldwide for its rugged outback. Between the East and West Coasts you will find thousands of kilometers of idyllic landscapes to explore. These range from tropical rainforests and stepped waterfalls to large areas of red desert. The Outback is one of the top adventures in Australia if you are looking for fascinating sights to visit once in your life. So here are five adventurous hikes to complete in Australia! 

1. Hike around uluru

Uluru is also called Ayers Rock and is one of the main reasons to visit the Northern Territory. You will find this 700 million year old sandstone monolith in Woop, about 450 km from the nearest big city. This rock is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered sacred to the Aborigines living in the region. The best thing here is to circumnavi the Uluru once, which takes about 3.5 hours. The rock is surrounded by springs and water holes, as well as rich in rock caves with ancient cave paintings to explore. You can also camp in this area. So be sure to look at finding the Best 6 Person Tent and cooking appliances for your trip. 

2. Wallowa Hike and Stringybark Loop in the South

Wallowa Hike and Stringybark Loop in the South Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park is an hour's drive from Adelaide. It is a small nature park where lovers of hiking, nature and wildlife can indulge themselves. A varied landscape, vantage points on the Barossa Valley wine region and the many kangaroos make for a nice walk. If you like rugged rocks and beautiful views, you can hike the Wallowa Hike. For rich flora and fauna, the Stringybark Loop is a good walking tour.

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3. Walk around the 36 giants in the Olgas

The Olgas are known as a sacred area for the Anangu tribe. These 36 steep-walled mountains are also called Kata-Tjuta. They look like human heads from the side, and date back to about 550 million years ago. This place is of enormous importance for the indigenous tribes to perform ceremonies. Visiting this attraction will give you a better insight into aboriginal culture and tradition.

4. Rim Walk in the Kings Canyon

Rim Walk in the Kings Canyon The Rim Walk is one of the best ways to discover the Kings Canyon in Northern Territory. You walk around the deep gorge, where you can enjoy views of the Outback's red landscape and the valley. The Garden of Eden, the palm tree gorge and the rock formations of the Lost City are highlights during the hike. The Rim Walk is six kilometers long, which takes about three to four hours.

5. Visit termite mounds in Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is small compared to cockatoo as it is only 1500 km2. Despite its small size, it offers you a breathtaking panoramic landscape and is full of things to try. For example, drive to the magnificent Florence Fallsthat lead to a plunge pool. Take a refreshing dip in the water before you take the walk to the observation deck - romantic and fun! 

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