Palo Santo, The Holy Wood With Many Benefits


The shamans of the indigenous communities of South America used the sticks of the palo santo to clean and purify the spaces, burning it and letting its smoke run. There are many legends linked to the sacred. Today you find these sticks at fairs, in local markets. Burning it for energy cleaning is very common because the news of its power spread but did you know that they come from a tree that is in danger of extinction?

Times ago, when the communities of native peoples quietly inhabited this territory, to use the tree they honored the wait. They did not cut them down. In order for its benefits to be really effective, the tree had to die naturally and had to rest in this way for between four and ten years so that the oil that was formed at that time was later used in rituals and ceremonies.

Spiritual cleansing

The Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) is a mystical and ancient tree. It grows on the coast of South America, in the forests of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and BrazilAnd it is related to frankincense, myrrh and copal. Its height varies between 6 and 20 meters. It blooms in the months of April to May and bears fruit in the period between July and August. In addition, its composition makes it a species with unique resistance to the environment. In this sense, it houses 15 percent resin among its fibers that protects it from fungi and insect attacks.

Much is said about its existence on earth. But perhaps one of the properties that stand out the most is its traditional use in rituals and ceremoniesIn fact, its use was very common because it incited good luckIt was said that whoever used it was open to receive its benefits, filling their present with magic and creativity. Even today, one of the characteristics that make it popular is due to its ability as a talisman or protective amulet.

How is Palo Santo used?

The most common way to use Palo Santo is as incense or, in any case, lighting a piece of dry wood to spread the smoke in a given space. However, for the wood to stay lit, you have to light the flame from time to time and leave it in a container so that it goes out on its own.

Also, Palo Santo can be prepared in an infusion, by boiling it for 15 minutes over low heat, and then letting it rest for 5 minutes, filter it and drink it alone or with a natural sweetener, such as cane sugar or honey. 

The incense of this wood contains antirheumatic, diuretic, cleansing and antiseptic medicinal properties, as well as being a great source of antioxidants. For this reason, Palo Santo is very common in practices such as yoga, reiki and aromatherapy, as it helps to clean and purify the environment. Many holistic retreats offer Palo Santo cleansing also. A holistic retreat may well be the theme for 2022. A cleanse, a spiritual awakening and the birth of new dreams. For more information on where to find safe and secure holistic retreats, you can click here

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