Michael Altneu, Coldwell Banker's New Vice President

 Michael Altneu is the new face of Coldwell Banker. Over 15 years of impeccable expertise align  delightfully with Coldwell Banker's principles and ethos. Michael's global insights, promise to forge a new future amidst this turbulent world crisis. As Covid-19 swept the world, and the industries'  uncertainties became tempestuous, Coldwell Banker sought the opportunity to develop.

Now, the markets are shifting, the prevalence of sustainability is rising, and businesses are striving to adapt. Fortunately, Michael is well aware of this hurricane of transformation, and he speaks to us about his visions for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury.

Do you think the real estate industry is going to change dramatically this decade, following the Covid-19 crisis?

There has never been such an intense shift in purchasing and consumer behavior on a global scale as what we experienced in 2020. Space, location, and health were all viewed through a much different lens by nearly every person, in every market, and at the exact same time. As the pandemic wanes, countries reopen, and cities once again share the spotlight, the industry will continue to change while embracing the state-of-the-art technology, marketing strategies, tools, and services that we utilize to conduct and further grow our business. While markets may shift and conditions in global hubs may fluctuate with new variants and restrictions, the real estate industry has learned, and our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists are prepared more than ever, to quickly adapt and thrive during massive changes. Our strategy continues to put us in a position of strength and power that I am confident will carry us through this decade and well beyond.

Michael Altneu Coldwell Banker

Do you wish to create further sustainability within the brand, and if so, how?

As a trailblazer in the luxury industry, we provide the latest data and innovation to empower our global luxury certified specialists worldwide and provide a strong value proposition to their network of luxury buyers and sellers.

This power position is demonstrated by us having over $168 million in luxury transactions every day. To that end, I feel like I had an advantage when joining, as I’m able to focus on unique ways to further enhance sustainability within the brand. Our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury Property Specialists noted a shift in “The Report: 2020,” with 36% of them noting that sustainability and eco-friendly features were among the most wanted luxury home amenities. As I focus on new ways to distinguish Coldwell Banker Global Luxury, I see possibilities in every direction. Whether that is exploring partnerships within the luxury space, engaging guest speakers from outside the industry, including sustainability experts, or seeking out the latest eco-friendly technology. My strategy will always include two core components; maintain our industry leading position and preserving the strong foundation that anchors our Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program.

. What is your vision for Coldwell Banker Global Luxury for 2021 and beyond?

While looking ahead, I think it’s important to remember how we got here. Innovation, creativity, and global networking will continue to be the driving forces for success with the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program. My vision is to build on the already strong foundation that exists and strengthen our agents’ abilities in the years to come. Our clients have shown us that their priorities and the definition of luxury have shifted during the pandemic, and we are tracking new trends emerging in the luxury sector. You will see much of this work later this fall in our annual "A Look at Wealth" report.

Leading the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program, my vision is clear – to innovate, to embrace creativity, to strengthen community and be a step ahead in all that we do. This will all be in partnership with our thousands of Coldwell Banker Global Luxury certified specialists who are truly the heart and mind behind this program.

To begin your journey in a home that really matters, put your story into the hands of Coldwell Banker. 


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