How Design Bundles Can Help Accelerate Your Success

Our world, especially in the Corona era, is run a lot online. In the network all the knowledge is spread out in front of us and in front of our customers at every moment and our challenge as business owners, is to be present in the network in an accessible and comfortable way. There are many options for a significant online presence, and today I want to tell you about the possibility of a digital business and the benefits of graphics and templates to create styles and marketing materials. It all begins with a great font! Fonts are eye catching and often create the style and ambience of a specific graphic. 

As a businesswoman, I have used marketing materials often, and most recently, my magazine, Floraison which is something incredibly close to my heart. You can read the first issue here. By using the fonts from, Font Bundles, I have been able to download, for free, some fonts and incorporate them into my magazine. By using Canva, I am able to import the fonts onto this platform and create unique designs. Now I am on Issue Two and I have already incorporated some of their fonts onto my magazine design as you will see below. You can create hundreds of different designs when you make the most out of your font choices. In case you need some inspiration, here you are:

  1. Virtual party invites

  2. Business cards

  3. Blog logos 

  4. Marketing materials

  5. Business resumes

  6. Instagram stories

  7. Newsletters

  8. Cards 

Use your font to add style! 

I decided to download the Juliette font and the Leaf font; as those two resonated with me and worked well with both my magazine design and my Instagram stories. I enjoy fonts that are elegant and stylish. However, from thicker bold fonts to swirly fonts, there is a plethora to choose from that are perfect for almost all occasions and personal tastes. If you need to see a little sneak peek, then here is your chance! With font freebies online, you can access hundreds of free fonts that are incredibly unique and best of all, there is a style that suits every single design need. No matter what you’re trying to create, you can make the best Pinterest pin designs and make everything neat, aesthetically pleasing and unique.

As you can see, all you need to do is sign up to an account, which can be done through Facebook, and then you have access to instant downloads which you can upload as and when, whether that’s onto your laptop or chosen platform. I choose Canva because I find this the easiest to navigate and although they have their choice of fonts, there are never any fonts that are ‘artistic’ enough, but with Font Bundles I was able to find suitable ones. With options to narrow your search, you can easily find the fonts, without having to spend too much time; afterall time is precious when you’re creating. Each downloaded font comes with its own PDF that assists you with the downloading process; it couldn’t be simpler. For the front cover of my magazine, I opted for the Juliette font, because it seemed playful and perfect for an editorial piece. 

In addition to my front cover, I decided to use the Quasimodo font for my business proposals. I send these out often in business, therefore using new and exciting fonts bring a little extra charm to a business proposal and could certainly do the same for you. Take a look at some of the graphics I have created. Some of the graphics presented to you below have been for a range of business clients. So if you work within this sphere, you may want to consider looking at some brand new fonts to sweeten every single design! Whenever you find a piece of marketing material that you love or an ad that catches your eye, it is through meticulous design and often a lot of creativity. 

A little style goes a long way! 

The first thing that anyone is attracted to, beside bright colours, is the writing and titles that catch the eye. That is why I have been using Font Bundles to accentuate all the titles in the work that I do because this is what people are drawn to. Needless to say, you can use the fonts in any of the texts, as I often do too but when you nail your aesthetic, half the job is done. This is easy to implement, easy to navigate and what’s even better is you can earn credits to find even more fonts. However, the majority are free. 

Your creations deserve a little extra, it’s time to start creating the very best! 

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