Market Your Business Smartly During The Covid-19 Crisis.

You've been leading content marketing efforts in your organisation for some time, and your team's performance convinced your boss that they should fully implement content marketing. However, there is a small problem: your boss wants you to write and present a content marketing plan and you don't even know where to start. Fortunately, we compile the best content marketing plans so that you can develop your company's one based on data and achieve real results. It's time to focus on how you can optimise this, especially as Covid-19 is damaging businesses across the world. Covid-19 can be overcome in the business world.

Whether your business is within a digital or non-digital, you must ensure a business marketing plan that works for you. Every single business should ensure that they are utilising their skills and technology for the best. Today, companies know that the world is moving fast, and unless they want to head to failure, they will have to test new market trends to be able to reach a large number of leads. It is important not to neglect your customers during the Covid-19 business crisis. You must enable telephone and email assistance, but do not stop there, in times of crisis, you must increase your customer service capabilities and ensure optimal and timely communication. Social Networks are a good option to promote this communication, use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms. Content Strategy must be implemented. Design of any brand is vital and therefore you should consider the graphics and marketing materials to go alongside, such as sun svg.

cascading content strategy

Content strategy

Creating, distributing and managing original information is essential to attract users and position your brand as a reference. A specific communication policy (content marketing) for each channel is essential. Some of the tools used to execute this strategy are:

  • Keyword research: This is a vital component of any content strategy. It is about identifying the right keywords to use them correctly in it.
  • Content calendar: It is an essential element to create a strategy. It provides value, allows you to think long-term and optimises resources. It should include the date of publication, the author, the idea, the keyword and the tags, among others.
  • Social posting: Writing an article and not "moving" it through social networks is a mistake. But it is not about 'spreading' without more, but about having a plan with which you can decide what to publish and when on each social network. The place and time are combined with copies adapted to the characteristics of each social media platform.

Digital strategies and tactics

Depending on the objectives of your plan, you will implement different strategies. There is a wide variety of marketing campaigns: by email, social networks, CRM (customer relationship management), web optimisation, SEO - SEM strategies, etc. Professional services will assist your business with SEO copywriting, Social Media Management and a strategy that focuses on your goals and needs. For over five years, I have been helping companies strategise. I work for numerous companies who all have similar goals - generate traffic and sales. What else could their goal be? These strategies are vital to growth. I'd be more than happy to chat to any brand or indivudal who wants to drive their business forward. Please click here for more information. 

With all this work done, we get to the heart of the marketing plan: what are we going to do to achieve the objectives? In this section we will define the marketing strategies, always going from the most general to the most specific. In the end, it should be very clear what the steps to follow and in what order we are going to carry them out. To organise and classify strategies, it is very common to resort to the famous "4 P's of marketing".

When designing your aesthetic and carving a brand, you need to ensure that you look at svg cuts. you can create design bundles to ensure that you have the style that suits!

What is SEO and how can you improve it?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a branch of digital marketing whose objective is to increase the visibility of content on the search engine results pages. 

Discover a Niche

Obtaining the information of your ideal buyer will also lead you to discover a niche that generates profits. A niche can be a point to focus your efforts (and your budget). For example, if your company offers construction services, your niche markets may be people who own companies dedicated to entertainment, couples or young married couples who want a construction with greater privacy, among others. If you are looking to improve your hospitality company, you should look into the ever-changing climate of sustainability and looking at how to 'go green'. For further reading, you can look at Sustainable Hotel Futures, How To Prepare. By focusing on specific points is when:

You show yourself as an expert in the field
You position yourself better in people's minds (And position your website in search engines)
You generate higher profits

I recommend that you start planning your SEO strategy as soon as possible. As they say in marketing "trying to kill flies with cannon shots has never been a good strategy."

"Trying to kill flies with cannon shots has never been a good strategy"

Let's continue, in any SEO content campaign, obviously the content plays a totally essential role for visibility. That is why when writing content we always have doubts such as:

Will anyone look up this that I am going to write? What will be the best title for SEO? Does this content add value to my SEO strategy? To answer these questions, the keyword research process acquires a special relevance since it will help us to know:

  • What type of keywords our audience uses.
  • Which of those keywords have the highest search volume.
  • Which of those words have a high or low difficulty.
  • If those keywords have real value for my business.

Measurement of results
You must measure each action using different KPIs (key performance indicator) to determine if you have achieved the expected ROI (return on investment). Assessing the effectiveness of the implemented strategies and activities will help you correct what is not working. It is an essential step in how to make a digital marketing plan.

These are the essential steps on how to make a digital marketing plan. 
However, knowing them is one thing and applying them another. For companies that do not have a qualified professional in the sector or the necessary resources, it can become an almost impossible mission. Having experts in the 
implementation of online strategies is essential to succeed. 
You already have your online marketing plan in place, but your work is not done yet. Establishing periodic controls of your KPIs and analysing the results based on them is essential to know which actions are more successful and to continue improving your plan every day. 

I love being able to provide you with useful and quality information, so that you can improve the online marketing that you apply in your company day by day. For a FREE plan, click here to claim and download Hubspot's template. 

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