Ten Of The Best Sustainable Hotels In Spain

The growing presence of environmentalism and sustainability is no longer a question of fashion, but of responsibility. For this reason, an industry as relevant in our country as tourism has also begun to transfer certain green practices to its practices. If you want to know some of the sustainable hotels with the best ecological practices in Spain, here we are going to present 10 of them. Thus, on your next vacation, in addition to enjoying a well-deserved rest, you can also contribute your bit in caring for the environment. But, before visiting each one of them, let's start by approaching the general concept of an ecological hotel.

What is an ecological hotel?

Ecological hotels are those that, in their day to day, apply measures to reduce the impact of their actions on the environment. There are no standardized guidelines, nor are there official certifications in this regard, but there are actions that are recognisable as green, sustainable or ecological. For example, from the moment the hotel is built, especially if it is in a natural setting, to respect the harmony of the landscape and the environment. But also when it comes to recycling any waste that originates or, also, using recycled materials, organic food, biodegradable cleaning products and, why not, working with renewable energy to the greatest extent possible.

1. Hotel Pulitzer (Barcelona)

This hotel is located in the heart of Barcelona, ​​a few meters from Plaza de Catalunya. Said like this, it seems shocking about the concept of an ecological hotel, but in this establishment they have a strong commitment to sustainable practices. Proof of this are all its specific policies around sustainability, which include the consumption of local products and the use of ecological cleaning products. In addition, they are committed to sustainable mobility, healthy lifestyle habits and, in general, to saving, recycling and other social measures, such as the more intense integration of people with disabilities and women in their workforce.

2. Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden (Tenerife)

Probably, the Botánico & The Oriental Spa Garden is one of the best-known ecological hotels in all of Spain. It is not for less, and not only for its ecological practices, but for the enormous charm of its facilities. As its name explains, this establishment has huge spaces with thousands of plant species from all over the planet, which gives it a special and very exotic touch. But this environment of tranquility and relaxation is also influenced by an architecture focused on reducing the impact as much as possible, as well as its savings, recycling and collaborative economy policies.

3. Hotel Terra Bonansa (Huesca)

In an idyllic setting, due to the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it, the Terra Bonansa stands as one of the ecological hotels par excellence in the area near the Pyrenees. From its very construction, carried out under a bioclimatic perspective, to the use of available natural resources to reduce energy consumption, all that this hotel projects is environmentalism. In addition, being located in such a privileged natural environment, it also encourages healthy lifestyle habits, and from there different plans for mountain sports and activities are proposed, such as hiking, birdwatching, etc.

4. Hotel CAEaCLAVELES (Asturias)

If the tourist motto of the Principality is that Asturias is a natural paradise, this hotel can serve as an exemplary venue for this motto. A few kilometers from the sea and the mountains, CAEaCLAVELES is one of the ecological and sustainable hotels with all the letters. You just have to see its exterior appearance, completely integrated with the surrounding landscape, thanks to its peculiar construction on one floor. In addition, its location makes it easy to feed on local and artisan products, all of this always based on a collaborative economy and a great focus on energy saving to collaborate with the environment.

5. Xuq Lomas de Ruvira (Albacete)

We go one step further in our search for sustainable hotels and present ourselves in a rural complex of the most original and attractive in all of Spain. And it is that this is a set of caves adapted to become boutique accommodation already stands out, mainly, for its meticulous design, very imbued with that environment that surrounds it. The traditional architecture on which this establishment has been based has been based on the principles of bio-construction, but also its own ecological crops or the uses it makes of gray water are clear signs of its commitment to sustainability.

6. Aire de Bardenas (Navarra)

The Bardenas Reales Natural Park of Navarra is one of the natural and scenic jewels of our geography. As if that were not enough, UNESCO has classified it as a Natural Reserve of the Biosphere. This already gives us an idea of ​​what a hotel has to be like to be located here, right? Its design is completely integrated into the landscape and in fact the interiors of the rooms are so open to the outside light that sometimes it is not known whether one is inside or outside. Solar panels, ecological garden, zero kilometer products ...here neither the intentions nor the actions related to the collaborative economy, ecology and sustainability are lacking.

7. Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa (Alicante)

This hotel and spa bases its proposal on the most authentic Eastern style. Specifically, Thailand is the country that inspires the concept of this eco-friendly hotel in which, in addition to its own charming facilities, it offers huge, perfectly manicured gardens. Here, sustainability begins with the proximity of the products, and continues with the collaborative economy, recycling, sustainable architecture and, above all, that family approach so that even the little ones learn to take care of the environment.

8. Hotel Los Castaños (Malaga)

This small hotel, in turn located in a small municipality in Malaga, is another of the proposals for ecological accommodation that is worth trying. Again, a sustainable commitment from the materials used in its construction to achieve a low-impact architecture as well as a careful Arabic touch so traditional in southern Spain. Regarding its green proposals, local consumption, the collaborative economy, recycling, organic products and the control of spending and consumption of energy resources are key parts of its day to day.

9. Monnaber Nou (Balearic Islands)

The history of this eco-friendly hotel dates back more than two hundred years. History that can be breathed in its stones and in its traditional architecture. This combination of old and classic and sustainable and ecological gives it a special charm, allowing its guests to enjoy a unique environment in one of the most charming areas of Mallorca. Here they give special importance to the sustainable management of their garden and the hotel, and they have a certificate of organic farming, which gives a good idea of ​​the quality of the products with which they work to feed their customers. Without a doubt, one of the most surprising ecological hotels in the Mediterranean.

10. The houses of Ea Astei (Vizcaya)

We close our list of ecological and sustainable hotels with a set of rural houses in the municipality of Ea, in Vizcaya. Here we also go back to some historical buildings, which were the centenary farmhouse, the barn and the granary, to which two more modern houses have been added. These, built in what is called passive house architecture, are capable of generating more energy than they consume, which is great. In addition to this, cooking with zero kilometer products, accessibility, recycling and bio products are some of the ecological and sustainable practices that they contribute and that they do so well for their environment.

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