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Sometimes the best parts about the spring/summer season, is getting out of the city. The hustle and bustle and thrill of the busy city centres is great, but sometimes, it's nice to escape and take a wander into the depths of the countryside, to clear your mind, get in that vital exercise, or maybe just to walk your dog. Doncaster has some lovely park land and their famous Potteric Carr Nature Reserve which makes for the ultimate Sunday spot. Let's take a little peek at what Doncaster has to offer in the suburbs and how you can get a taste of that beautiful Yorkshire air! Did you know that walking just an hour a day can reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke, so there is no better excuse than getting outside and seeing what the world around you has to offer. Let's begin with some of Doncaster's most treasured nature spots.

Fun Fact: Yorkshire Wildlife Park is Britain's first walk-through Safari!  

Potteric Carr: Calandar

Nature Reserves/Walks 

For those beautiful summer evenings, there is only one place for it. Doncaster is incredibly proud of Potteric Carr and rightly so. There's something for everyone. Not only does it boast beautiful views, lakes and walks, there is plenty of nature to soak up. Birds are free in their natural habitat here, and you're more than likely to spot bitterns and marsh harriers. It's brilliant for families and children to experience nature first hand, and be on the look out for butterflies and wildflowers, it is at its most beautiful this time of the year. For entry, the price per adult is £4.50 which allows you access all over the parkland, but access to the visitor centre and cafe is free. Plenty of little walk ways, will make you feel as if you're in the depths of a forest, it's the perfect escape from traffic and busy lives. Next to look at is Thorpe Marsh Nature Reserve, with plenty of lakes, small woodland areas and full of farm animals grazing in the fields beyond, and all the incredible birds that love to nestle into the woodland. Dogs are allowed here, on a lead and entry is free. Thirdly is Sprotborough Flash Nature Reserve, another local parkland, listen to the sound of sheep, the trickle of the gentle waters of the river Don and enjoy the fresh air. This is a quieter alternative by the river, which is a little less cultivated but still full of immense charm!

Fun Fact: Queen Victoria had her own private bathroom built for her at the Mansion House when she visited Doncaster! 


There are a lot of parks in Doncaster. In fact, there are 19 in and around the city and you can scroll further down to see what they are all called! Askern Boating Lake is popular with water sports lovers,  there is lots to do and a good range of play facilities, so who said you needed to trek all the way to the Italian Lakes to have some fun boating! Each park offers something a little different. Let's highlight a couple to see what else Doncaster has to offer. Sandall Park in Wheatley, is brilliant for joggers and runners. Westfield Park is a brilliant stop for kids, Bentley Park, complete with a bandstand, is a beautiful picturesque park with a huge amount of history to digest. The Bentley Pavilion is an attraction in itself and offer many events round the year, one worth looking at! It is most certainly one for the Instagram feed.

Fun Fact: King John stayed at Coinsbrough Castle in 1201!!! 

Bentley Park, Donaster Council
For all the tourist information you could possibly need, head over to Visit Doncaster! There really is so many outdoor activities to do in the city, I have been pleasantly surprised when on my quest! There has been surprises around every corner. Picnics are definitely on the agenda I'd say, with all this lush green around. Doncaster itself is surrounded by stunning Yorkshire countryside, so if you're not much of a shopper and you find cities too anxiety-inducing, then Doncaster has plenty of wonderful outdoor spots to go to!! Did you also know that spending an hour out in the fresh air can aid digestion and strengthen your immune system? Brilliant to know! Doncaster is ready and waiting for you!

All the parks you can visit in the city! 

*This was a collaborative post with Visit Doncaster 

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