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I am constantly on the hunt to find the perfect home away from home in a city that is ready and waiting to be explored. I always find that part of the magic of travelling is doing things in your own time, with the excitement of the city's culture and being part of a community and seeing how the locals like to live. Clickstay are a company who offer holiday homes, villas rentals and apartments in worldwide locations, for the ultimate self-catering experience. They have a variety of homes for one person, or a big group, which is lovely for the times you're taking a bunch of friends or extended family. They have so many properties which are just perfect for groups of 11, 12 and more, which is perfect if you're sharing the price! Clickstay have over 67,300 homes and have helped over 600,000 travellers, with safe and secure booking systems, that's another reason why I am proud to be affiliated with Clickstay, they're truly there to ensure you curate a wonderful trip for yourself.

One of my favourite cities in the world is Athens. Clickstay have such a wonderful variety of properties, some of which I've shown below! Athens is a place where I've made friends and a place I constantly love to see evolve and grow, so finding a place to call my own whilst I'm there is essential as part of a wonderful experience. Sometimes, it would be nice to invite a friend back to cook for them whilst I'm there, it really makes you feel as if you're living like a true Greek and this goes for any location, from the South of France, to Ireland, or maybe further afield like Florida if you're heading to the parks. I'm constantly browsing all the lovely properties, with a very easy to navigate site, you'll be able to find everything you need, including lots of photos and you won't be disappointed with your finds. From inexpensive to more luxury properties, there is definitely something for everyone. There are plenty of customer reviews to look at too so you can make sure you're booking something that's just perfect for you. Take a little peek at their Villas in Greece.

A Piece Of Paradise...

Clickstay and their dedicated team make booking really easy, and now is the time to take advantage of any villas that are still available before the booking rush in summer. Spring is a lovely time to take a trip to the Amalfi Coast, or perhaps even Majorca, which is an easily accessible and pretty island that is just ready and waiting for you! Pick a villa or home with a private pool, your own terrace, relax and cook outdoors if you wish and soak up the fresh air. Clickstay also regularly promote competitions and giveaways, which is another reason to love them! Another destination that I love is somewhere a little closer to home in the UK...so if you're looking for somewhere you can drive to, then maybe their Lake District properties will be for you! Here are a couple of the properties that I'm desperate to try this year when the weather is good for walking and boat trips! A little cottage in the countryside is always a good idea!

*All photos courtesy of Clickstay 

They are definitely competitive with pricing and their team are available daily to assist and you can of course find them on social media (which is super quick and easy). So if these photos haven't tempted you in some way then maybe some of their other destinations will entice you to book a little romantic getaway or a girly celebratory trip, or maybe you're wanting to treat your mum, the possibilities are endless! Click below to book and see where your next holiday may take you!

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