The Magic Of A New Language

As a travel writer, I have realised over the years, the importance of being able to communicate in other languages. Although most countries have a wonderful grasp of the English language, sometimes it is good to be able to delve a little deeper into culture and life by speaking another language. For me, I have always struggled with this. Despite my studies in English language, I have struggled picking up other languages when I've tried to learn. For a few years, I've been slowly trying to learn Greek but without having a solid teaching method, I am still only at elementary level (if that sometimes!).

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It's not just wonderful as a traveller to be able to speak another language, but also for the mind itself; because learning another language can help decrease your risk of developing dementia in later life, and also it's just brilliant for the mind. I remember travelling to Belgium just last year, in an area that is perhaps not particularly tourist focused, on a layover from a trip. Not being able to speak much French didn't really help when everyone there could barely scrape two words of English together, which was to my surprise as I've never experienced this much, but it really did make me stop and think again about trying to at least be able to grasp a basic knowledge of a couple of languages. That is why Listen & Learn is a brilliant website for people wanting to learn a new language right from their own city. With so many to choose from also, it is simple to navigate and you can enjoy learning straight away. I have always been fascinated with Greek mostly because I adore the country and now I have friends there, who I'd love to be able to communicate with in Greek as well as English! I've also had a desire to learn French, after finding out that I have French heritage from many years ago. This is all part of an exciting journey which I know will make me feel an even more confident traveller. There are so many exciting ways to learn language but putting them into practice is key. Babbel and Duolingo are also great resources, but as with any new goal you set yourself, the desire to want to learn is paramount.
Setting the time aside to learn can be the most difficult. I have found myself doing little bits in between work or maybe in bed at night but having a better routine with it will allow your brain to kick into gear more. Taking an hour or two hours to specifically sit and learn will help you to realise that it's time to learn! Use flashcards for specific phrases and start practising reading text in another language as well as listening to the language also, because this will help you to process the language quicker, as usually hearing someone speak in another language is very daunting, especially when they speak quickly and it's hard to grasp what they're saying. However all in all, this is a challenge I will be continuing on with and I'll be sure to document it here as I go! What language would you choose to learn if you could?!

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