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The absolutely stunning girlboss Mindy from Brassybra stops by to chat a little bit about her involvement with Brassybra and to talk us through why it is such an incredible brand and also about her journey with the brand upto now. She is not only a sassy red hot Influencer, she is also, wait for it... a mom, model, actress and a host. She's utterly gorgeous (see below for one of my favourite photos of Mindy)! She's been involved with Brassybra for some time now and Brassybra as a company is only growing and developing in the most incredible way, so I wanted to find out what makes Mindy tick and it's not difficult to see what makes this girl so incredible! 

Photo from Instagram: @Mish_Mindy 

Question: Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, what you love?

Answer: Hi Jennifer! My name is Mindy, I am a mom, influencer, “curve” model, occasional actress and co-owner of Brassybra. I love a lot of things! Haha, but overall? I love life, I've come to love taking risks and giving myself a shot. It's something I struggled with in my younger years. Unfortunately, self-confidence is definitely NOT something everyone is born with or taught.

Question: How did you get involved with Brassybra and what’s your role?

Answer: Ahhhh Brassybra…. It was about 2 years ago and one of the most transitional times in my life. I suddenly became more active on social media (it became sort of a theraputic outlet) and Kat (Creator of Brassybra) had JUST got Brassybra up and running on Instagram, but no one knew what the heck it was in U.S. and neither did I. I can’t remember who came across who first but at the time, we were both small on the scene (this is before I started to really grow my social media) and I remember we followed one another. I thought the concept of Brassybra was amazing and when Kat started looking for influencers I was quick to raise my hand! No one had ever tried it in the States (I didn’t know that either) and so when she sent me far too many (I guess she was excited hahaha!) I decided to really give it a genuine test run. I was immediately obsessed! I started sharing feedback with Kat and before you know it we became friends! I really and genuinely wanted to help this new brand grow here. I started promoting it as i grew and we both started growing! We were really helping each other, I am so thankful for her presence in my life during that time. Flash forward to a few months ago, I was asked if I wanted to really take my involvement with brassybra beyond influencing ( hello?! Of course!) Now? I am Chief Communications Officer for Brassybra.  It’s become my baby too and watching it grow has been wonderful.

Question: What do you think BrassyBra wants to achieve in the fashion world?

Answer: We want to be on every boob possible! Haha! We want to hit more runways, bridal shows, etc. But honestly? We just want women to feel the freedom that Brassybra offers. We want them to be badass and wear what they want, without having to think about the feeling or visibility of a bra. There is a wonderful physical freedom in this product and we wont stop until every woman knows we ARE an option.

Question: What do you love the most about Brassybra?

Answer: The Freedom to wear what I shyed away from before due to bra visibility and the free feeling simply wearing them.

Question: Do you think women with bigger chests can feel confident with Brassybra?

Answer: I would like to think so! If anyone, it is the larger breasted women that are really drawn to us, they too deserve the opportunity to wear what they want and not simply what they HAVE  to, you know? “The Little Extra” (Rectangular Brassybra Strips used to enhance or supplement Brassybra) has been great help for the ladies just outside or at the largest of our size range. We are really proud of this, so many women are enjoying their closets because of us and that’s awesome!

Question: What do you see in the future for Brassybra?

Answer: We talk about this often, beyond the obvious, which is becoming a successful business. We do want to expand as a brand. I can’t get into specifics but let’s just say we are ALWAYS thinking, working and trying to push the envelope. In the meantime? We want all women to see us as a trusted option and I truly believe we are well on our way!  

Question: If you had one superpower what would it be and why?

Answer: Hmmmm… sounds Cliche but my first thought was to fly. I was always terribly fearful of flying. I’ve gotten much better since moving out of NY and having to fly back and forth but ahhhh to be able to go anywhere quickly? That would be amazing! I would travel to all the wonders of the world and then some. I love historical cities and learning about them. Minus an airplane, flight, turbulence and costs? Sign me up!

If you want to check Mindy out on Instagram (highly recommend that you do), you can click right here!
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