Take A Luxury Winter Trip

The crisp winter season is almost upon us; when we can wrap ourselves up in knitted scarves and dream about the copious amount of wine and food we can ingest over this period. However, traveling through the winter is the perfect way to embrace the cold weather and immerse yourself in the festivities of the season. Keep it luxurious and look at some top places and travel ideas to put on your travel bucket list this upcoming season.

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Christmas Markets

Pick your favourite European city that you’ve always wanted to experience during winter, perhaps a new city you want to explore, or a city that’s famous for its luscious Christmas markets. Going to a Christmas market is a great way to impress, for finding little hidden gems and gifts that nobody else will have picked up. Take in the culture and all the food that comes with it, particularly popular choices are Copenhagen and Berlin for the traditional taste of the European markets. Whilst Christmas markets can be a popular choice, there’s a substantial chance that you have missed the peak of the tourist season; and are more likely to encounter the locals of the town, getting a more genuine and welcoming feel.

Skiing and Log Cabins

Winter sports have become increasingly more popular over the past few years. If you’re a skiing enthusiast then Europe has to loads to offer. If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway with some time to relax and unwind, then a fully catered ski chalet is the answer. Val d’isere in the French alps is an idyllic resort for all your friends and family to enjoy both on and off the slopes. What could be better than enjoying the crisp cold air with stunning mountain views and a crackling log fire in a luxury ski chalet like these from Le Chardon Mountain Lodges. Indulge in some French cuisine, bask in the sloping snowy mountains and allow yourself time to unwind. Sit and bake in the sauna, and forget the icy outdoor weather, it’s a little taste of summer in the midst of winter!

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UK Spa Trips

Spas are always a good choice any time of year, but during the festive season, the stresses and strains of Christmas shopping, catering for friends and family, can take its toll. Take a look at a luxury weekend spa break. Enjoy a full body massage, a Jacuzzi, and a hot stone treatment, whilst being able to stay closer to family, if you prefer. You could even research Ireland if it would be easier to stay within the British isles but still feel as if you’re having a break away. Explore places nearby to take long winter strolls; heavenly and magical.

Northern Lights At New Year

If you want to wait until the rush of Christmas is long gone, and your not quite feeling the effects of the Christmas slog, then booking a trip to see the Northern Lights could be a wonderful way to kick start your new year. Take a look at Iceland; with its rugged volcanic terrain, and icy waters, you can appreciate its beauty, whilst taking in one of the world’s greatest spectacles. Iceland offers a small handful of luxury hotels that can serve as your base whilst planning your post-Christmas trip. The Blue Lagoon spa is a popular choice with it’s outdoor mud baths, although flights can be difficult to find, research, and plan thoroughly if the Northern Lights is on your wish list.

So this season, take a look at some luxury travel ideas that could leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the year ahead. Share your travel plans below and let me know which of the ideas above take your fancy!

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