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I have always had a large passion for charity, but do not feel the need to be restricted to charities just in my own country. They say charity begins at home, but sometimes seeing the bigger picture and realising that this world is full of human beings just like us who needs help, really allows you to capture those doubts and reach out to more people. I work with a couple of charities based in Greece, and have developed beautiful strong friendships with people from Greece and so today I want to talk about the Greek charity, Ark Of The World. This is a voluntary non-profit organisation for protection of women and children. The charity is simply broken down into two sections which we will look at, including the support of both women and children from all backgrounds and walks of life, to ensure a safe, healthy and happy environment and lifestyle. They have four main places where they operate, Athens, Volos, Chios and Epirus. The name itself, Ark, suggest the very meaningful Noah's ark from the bible and what it provides is a beacon of hope to people. With its inception beginning with Antonios Papanikalaou, a vicar, who wanted to create positive change following the people he saw in his area that would struggle in every area of life, and the need for extra support was paramount.
Photo Courtesy: http://www.kivotostoukosmou.org/en

Ark Of The World provide not just support but also activities and events, that can be beneficial for people in the midst of struggle. They offer social service, counselling, legal and psychological support, home for mothers and children who may have fallen on hard times, and this also includes a daycare centre which is welcoming and friendly. Further to this, there is a range of educational programmes, semi-independent living programmes and camping programmes and excursions which allow both mothers and children to experience new things, giving hope, support and a little glimmer of light at the end of a dark tunnel.


At its core, Child Protection is a very big and important part of what the charity does. They offer accommodation and foster care to children who desperately need it, and undoubtedly anyone's childhood helps shape their future, so a good solid home is so vital for any child caught up in the depths of despair and struggle. They also provide social and psychological support for the child and entertaining activities because every child going through hard times still deserves to smile. Every child deserves to smile.

The Homes

There are home sin Kolonos (specifically a boys home), Piraeus and Athens, which are staffed by expert instructors and provide a safe and happy environment for mothers and children to thrive in. If a child does not have a safe environment at home to live in, these homes that Ark Of The World provides are a brilliant way for them to continue living without worry or fear.

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.kivotostoukosmou.org/en
Photo Courtesy of: http://www.kivotostoukosmou.org/en
With any charity that is non-profit, the awareness and support is key to maintaining good quality services and ensuring that the lives of these women and children can continue to improve and blossom, because sometimes, we all need a little helping hand. If you are based in Greece, then there is a way to volunteer yourself, and more information can be found here.

If you wish to donate to this wonderful cahrity to help continue its good work then you can donate through PayPal, a safe and easy method! Please click here to donate to this brilliant cause.

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