A Film For The Strays

"A Film Tor The Strays" 

This November, a heartwarming film about the wonderful affection that stray dogs can bring to your life, will grace screens across Greece, and YouTube. A group of talented filmmakers and actors, some of them highly respected Greek actors, including Dinos Karydis and Tania Tripi being the headline actors for the film. The film has been created by my friends, Artemis Samothrakis and Alexandros Katsaris and was filmed in Athens, Greece - such a perfect setting for this homely story! The movie, "Re-action" specifically hones in on the importance of stray dogs, and how, if given the chance, they can change your life for the better. In essence, this Animal Welfare film is going to be the perfect companion to you during the upcoming cosy autumn evenings!

Re-action movie

It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and appreciating dogs more than ever. In Greece and across the world, many stray dogs are left fending for themselves, some perishing as they try to survive in the big wide world, and others are euthanised. Stray dogs are an ongoing problem in Greece in general, although there are many incredible charities that offer shelters for animals, including food banks for pets. There is no need for more tragedy, if more people take the time to adopt a stray dog, and this is exactly what this film aims to do - give a substantial reason to adtop and of course realise the importance of #adoptdontshop. This month it will premiere in Athens, and what a perfect excuse to take another trip back!

Re-action follows the adventures of Roxy the dog, and the benefits that dogs can have on many people's lives, for the better. When a prominent actress realises the importance of stray dogs, it creates a new perspective for many. Official synopsis

"Helen Vrana, a famous actress, lives with her depressed father and her disabled son. After a torrent of negative media comments, she adopts a dog in an effort to save her image. How will the dog affect her and her father? Will her son react positively to the dog's presence?"

Some of the cast members include: Tania Tripi, Dinos Karydis, Joyce Evedi, Gianna Zianni, Gregoria Avgerinopoulou, Thodoris Anthopoulos, Giannis Frangiskos, Dimitris Papadakis, Vissarion Tsionas, Christos Karnakis, Tiffany Daniel, Jenny Kazakou, Andreas Stamatopoulos, Anna Adrianou, Giorgos Mavridis, Anna Kouri, Giorgos Mavridis, Dimitris Milivoglou and Elias Maraveyas, Anna Nikolaidis, Nikos Partsolis, Fotini Petrogianni and Joy Koumentakou and of course Roxy the dog!

Please take time to support their Facebook page. If you're a dog lover, this is going to be perfect for you! All views and all support will be so important to my friends, and a big shoutout to Artemis Samothrakis, Alexandros Katsaris, Chris Petridis, Giannis Efstathiou, Jenny Kazakou and Mary Paiteri. Click here to support them on Facebook!

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