Tidy Office, Tidy Mind

Wherever your mind is during the day, whether it's on work, coffee or the cute crazy cat videos that pop up on Facebook, your working space should be tidy. If you're the kind of person (like me I hate to admit it), that finds organisation and storing a serious task, then it's probably time for a rethink.  Keeping tidy and having a place for everything is the first step to achieving your goals, even daily tasks, keeping prioritised and being on top of everything you need to do. 

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Firstly, it's sometimes quite difficult to store all the things that you have accumulated over the years. From unwanted gifts, to old furniture that you desperately want but don't know what to do with, or perhaps it just doesn't quite fit into any decor scheme you have going at the moment. Here are some things you may have laying around the house that you may want to get tidied away.
  • Old furniture - tables, chairs, sofas, old bedroom furniture, spare mattress that nobody ever uses
  • Ornaments - precious ornaments or lamps, things you don't want to leave to rot in a damp attic
  • Bric-a-brac - old bits and bobs from over the years that you're too sentimental to get rid of but are cluttering the place up and you're in desperate need of housing them somewhere safe and out of the way 
  • Games/fun things - perhaps you have an old snooker table that you may want one day when you have hit the jackpot and have a bigger house but have nowhere to store it
All these things become tricky if you're living in a flat, or a small house, or even a house without a garage, spacious attic or basement. Here are some little tricks and tips that you can use to try and organise your life without too much hassle and stress! Perhaps you work from home and your home if your office; you have probably gathered far too much that needs to be stored and sorted. 

Sort Out The Items

You can sort through each section piece by piece, be thorough and ruthless if you want to declutter. Look at what you really want to keep and what is probably old tat that you're really not truly bothered about. Let's say you've come across an old filing cabinet, sift through and bin anything that's over three years old, there's probably a computer paper trail and keeping upto date files is easier. Alphabetise too! Once you have your items into neatly sorted boxes and a pile of junk on the other side for the tip then you can think about how you're going to keep your items safe and secure without the worry of them cluttering everywhere. 

Store The Items 

If you're lucky and you have a large house, then keep as much in storage there. Keeping any kind of furniture is tricky, boxes are much easier to keep in your attic or cupboards, but furniture is cumbersome and you could look at some kind of external self storage, where you can keep your things in a safe environment which expels that idea that your friends have that you're a serious hoarder who can't let things go! 

Once you've cleared out the things you need to, you can enjoy a more carefree, happy space, allowing your mind a little more clarity which can then allow you to think a little better about home improvements, new decor and all things fun interior design! Take a little look and have a think about what you could put into storage!   

When you are deciding on the new d├ęcor for your office, don't fall into the same trap and buy unnecessary items.  Try to avoid items that are going to clutter your space again. A “Hustle” neon sign on the wall, vision boards or motivational quotes can all add to the ambience of a space without actually taking up any room.

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